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Ennever & Enever family history and ancestry.WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy. Click here for an excellent biography.
Walter (Wally) Ennever, May (nee Hill), Dulcie & Norman. Click for a sample family tree. May (nee Hill), Dulcie, Norman & Walter (Wally) Ennever

Welcome to the web site dedicated to recording the family history of the Ennevers and Enevers and our related families.  You can search for individuals, display family trees, calculate relationships, read family histories and view family photographs and other historical documents.  There are currently 8 family branches with more than 40,700 people and 5,450 unique surnames on the site, including more than 2,000 Ennevers, Enevers, Enivers, Ennevors and other early variations.

You can follow the family histories and other links for an insight into some of the more interesting aspects of the families including a few well-known names, some law-breakers and even illegal and bigamous marriages.  The "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs) link gives an overview of the family branches, all of which are believed to be connected, and will help you to make the most of the information available.  Your help to keep our family history as up-to-date as possible is always welcome.  Thank you, Barry Ennever.

Contact If you are connected to any of our families please make contact by clicking the envelope or by using any of the Contact me or suggest links.

Click here to read WJE's biography and for more info on Pelmanism & the Pelman Institute
Pelman Schools, Institute & Pelmanism
William Joseph Ennever, founder of The Pelman Institute, developed a brand new course of mind & memory training. Click here for a detailed history.
Ennever piano keys
Pianoforte manufacturers
The related Ennever and Nunns families were both pianoforte manufacturers in the 19th century. Click here for a history of their London & New York businesses.
Click here for more info on George Ennever aka Morris and his successful new life in Australia
Transported to Australia
George Ennever, aka George Morris, was transported to Australia for passing forged notes. Click here for details of his criminal connections and successful new life down under.
Click here to read about a fascinating Victorian court case
The Tichborne Claimant
Roger Tichborne, son of a wealthy family, disappointed in love, lost at sea and a claim to be the missing heir. Click here to read a Victorian drama & the Enever connection.
Click here to read about George Henry Ince, gangland figure & his links to the Krays
George Ince, gangland figure
George Henry Ince was a gangland figure, wrongly accused of the Barn murder and who had close links to the notorious Kray twins. Click here to read his remarkable story.
Click here for more info on Albert Sydney (Syd) Enever, designer of the MGA & MGB motor cars
Designer of the MGA & MGB
Syd Enever is remembered as the inspiration behind two of Britain's greatest sports cars, the MGA and the MGB. Click for a summary of his life and career.
Click here to read about interesting and illegal marriages
Interesting family marriages
There are many interesting and even some bigamous and other illegal marriages in our families.  Click here for some of the fascinating details.
Click here to read name change stories
Surname changes
Many examples exist of evolving surname and spelling changes before most families became literate in the 19th century.  Click here for some interesting examples.
Click here to read some open questions
Questions remaining
There are a number of unsolved questions and mysteries about some of our families. To see if you can help with any of these, please click here.
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