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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

New York, USA


Tree: 4. New York Ennevers

Latitude: 43.0002806, Longitude: -75.5002806


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AENSER, Evert  Abt 1712New York, USA I6978
2 AENSER, unknown  Abt 1716New York, USA I6979
3 CARLSON, Albert  1905/6New York, USA I33130
4 CARLSON, Alfred  Abt Oct 1909New York, USA I33131
5 CARLSON, Annie A  1895New York, USA I33125
6 CARLSON, Augustave  1903/4New York, USA I33129
7 CARLSON, Charles O  1901/2New York, USA I33128
8 CARLSON, Emma  1899New York, USA I33127
9 CARLSON, Ernest P  1897New York, USA I33126
10 CARLSON, Gertrude E   I33089
11 CARLSON, Gladys M  4 Mar 1914New York, USA I33088
12 CHRISTIE, Alexander  1829/30New York, USA I11244
13 CHRISTIE, Alexander  1854/5New York, USA I11248
14 CHRISTIE, Alida  Abt Apr 1860New York, USA I11250
15 CHRISTIE, Elizabeth  1856/7New York, USA I11249
16 CHRISTIE, Jane L  1823/4New York, USA I10409
17 CHRISTIE, John  1833/4New York, USA I11245
18 ENNEVER, Clara  1858/9New York, USA I10414
19 ENNEVER, Eliza  Feb 1840New York, USA I10415
20 ENNEVER, Emily  1856/7New York, USA I10413
21 ENNEVER, Emily B  1878/9New York, USA I10489
22 ENNEVER, Emily R  Mar 1898New York, USA I10486
23 ENNEVER, Fanny  Feb 1880New York, USA I10485
24 ENNEVER, George Bell  Abt Mar 1880New York, USA I10490
25 ENNEVER, Henry  1846/7New York, USA I10416
26 ENNEVER, Hugh  1837New York, USA I6921
27 ENNEVER, Jane  1844/5New York, USA I6933
28 ENNEVER, John  1813/4New York, USA I6931
29 ENNEVER, John  1873/4New York, USA I11440
30 ENNEVER, Leontine  Jul 1879New York, USA I11441
31 ENNEVER, Mary  Oct 1820New York, USA I14173
32 ENNEVER, Mildred I  Jul 1899New York, USA I6923
33 ENNEVER, Nicholas  May 1850New York, USA I10411
34 ENNEVER, Robert E  1819/20New York, USA I10408
35 ENNEVER, Thomas Charlock  1851/2New York, USA I10412
36 ENNEVER, William C  1845/6New York, USA I10410
37 EWING, Jennie  Jan 1861New York, USA I6920
38 GENSLER, Andrew J  1886/7New York, USA I25691
39 GENSLER, Robert   I25692
40 KING, Jeremiah  1803/4New York, USA I14174
41 KING, Jeremiah  1840/1New York, USA I14175
42 KING, Lucy A  1831/2New York, USA I14178
43 KING, Sarah C  1847/8New York, USA I14176
44 KING, Townsend  1842/3New York, USA I14179
45 KING, William D  Abt Nov 1849New York, USA I14180
46 LOSEE, Cornelius  May 1860New York, USA I6987
47 LOSEE, Franklin  1854/5New York, USA I25669
48 LOSEE, Fred R  Jan 1888New York, USA I25689
49 LOSEE, George B  1864/5New York, USA I6986
50 LOSEE, Grace  1868/9New York, USA I25672
51 LOSEE, Harrold J  May 1889New York, USA I25678
52 LOSEE, Horatio S  1852/3New York, USA I25670
53 LOSEE, Jesse H  Jan 1858New York, USA I6988
54 LOSEE, Jessie M  Apr 1885New York, USA I25688
55 LOSEE, John C  1847/8New York, USA I25667
56 LOSEE, Margaret V  Aug 1883New York, USA I25677
57 LOSEE, Montgomery A  Aug 1820New York, USA I6983
58 LOSEE, Seymore  1851/2New York, USA I25668
59 LOSEE, Theodore  1843/4New York, USA I25666
60 PEZZEMENTI, Benjamin  26 Jun 1916New York, USA I33120
61 PEZZEMENTI, Dominick   I33122
62 RESSA, Lillian J  Abt Dec 1918New York, USA I10494
63 RESSA, Marie A  Abt Nov 1915New York, USA I10493
64 ROLLESTON, Joseph Francis  3 Aug 1910New York, USA I33132
65 SEARLES, Mary Elizabeth  24 Jan 1897New York, USA I6924
66 STRAMIELLO, Abbettocci  1902/3New York, USA I33098
67 STRAMIELLO, Antonetta  Abt May 1905New York, USA I33099
68 STRAMIELLO, Daniel   I33096
69 STRAMIELLO, Daniel V  11 Jan 1897New York, USA I33090
70 STRAMIELLO, Donatella  1900/1New York, USA I33097
71 STRAMIELLO, Jeannie   I33095
72 TUCKER, Marietta  May 1848New York, USA I10491
73 UNKNOWN, Bessie  1884/5New York, USA I25690
74 UNKNOWN, Catharine  1809/10New York, USA I14177
75 UNKNOWN, Hannah R  1823/4New York, USA I6985
76 UNKNOWN, Lavina L  1844/5New York, USA I25671
77 UNKNOWN, Mary E  Sep 1866New York, USA I25687
78 UNKNOWN, Sarah E  May 1850New York, USA I25674
79 WALKER, Mary A  Oct 1866New York, USA I10487
80 WASSERBACH, Annie J  1843/4New York, USA I10417


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   Last name, First name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ENNEVER, George Bell  3 Jun 1880New York, USA I10490


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   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CARLSON, Gladys M  16 Mar 1982New York, USA I33088
2 ENNEVER, Carrie  23 Sep 1965New York, USA I6922
3 ENNEVER, Charles Frederick  Dec 1958New York, USA I6918


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   Last name, First name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 STRAMIELLO, Daniel V  26 Jul 1920New York, USA I33090


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   Last name, First name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 SHERWOOD, Caroline  20 Jan 1905New York, USA I6929


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Naturalisation    Person ID 
1 STRAMIELLO, Vito  8 Apr 1912New York, USA I33091
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