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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

New York, USA


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Tree: 4. New York Ennevers

Latitude: 43.0002806, Longitude: -75.5002806


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AENSER, Evert  Abt 1712New York, USA I6978
2 AENSER, unknown  Abt 1716New York, USA I6979
3 BOGART, Francis   I33774
4 BOGART, Lewis   I33775
5 BOGART, Marinus  1916/7New York, USA I33777
6 BOGART, William  1913/4New York, USA I33773
7 CARLSON, Albert  1905/6New York, USA I33130
8 CARLSON, Alfred  Abt Oct 1909New York, USA I33131
9 CARLSON, Annie A  1895New York, USA I33125
10 CARLSON, Augustave  1903/4New York, USA I33129
11 CARLSON, Charles O  1901/2New York, USA I33128
12 CARLSON, Emma  1899New York, USA I33127
13 CARLSON, Ernest P  1897New York, USA I33126
14 CARLSON, Gertrude E  Abt Jun 1917New York, USA I33089
15 CARLSON, Gladys M  4 Mar 1914New York, USA I33088
16 CHRISTIE, Alexander  1829/30New York, USA I11244
17 CHRISTIE, Alexander  1854/5New York, USA I11248
18 CHRISTIE, Alida  Abt Apr 1860New York, USA I11250
19 CHRISTIE, Elizabeth  1856/7New York, USA I11249
20 CHRISTIE, Jane L  1823/4New York, USA I10409
21 CHRISTIE, John  1833/4New York, USA I11245
22 ENNEVER, Clara  1858/9New York, USA I10414
23 ENNEVER, Eliza  Feb 1840New York, USA I10415
24 ENNEVER, Emily  1856/7New York, USA I10413
25 ENNEVER, Emily B  1878/9New York, USA I10489
26 ENNEVER, Emily R  Mar 1898New York, USA I10486
27 ENNEVER, Fanny  Feb 1880New York, USA I10485
28 ENNEVER, George Bell  Abt Mar 1880New York, USA I10490
29 ENNEVER, Henry  1846/7New York, USA I10416
30 ENNEVER, Hugh  1837New York, USA I6921
31 ENNEVER, Jane  1844/5New York, USA I6933
32 ENNEVER, John  1813/4New York, USA I6931
33 ENNEVER, John  1873/4New York, USA I11440
34 ENNEVER, Leontine  Jul 1879New York, USA I11441
35 ENNEVER, Mary  Oct 1820New York, USA I14173
36 ENNEVER, Mildred Irene  Jul 1899New York, USA I6923
37 ENNEVER, Nicholas  May 1850New York, USA I10411
38 ENNEVER, Robert E  1819/20New York, USA I10408
39 ENNEVER, Thomas Charlock  1851/2New York, USA I10412
40 ENNEVER, William C  1845/6New York, USA I10410
41 EWING, Jennie  Jan 1861New York, USA I6920
42 GENSLER, Andrew J  1886/7New York, USA I25691
43 GENSLER, Robert   I25692
44 KING, Jeremiah  1803/4New York, USA I14174
45 KING, Jeremiah  1840/1New York, USA I14175
46 KING, Lucy A  1831/2New York, USA I14178
47 KING, Sarah C  1847/8New York, USA I14176
48 KING, Townsend  1842/3New York, USA I14179
49 KING, William D  Abt Nov 1849New York, USA I14180
50 LOSEE, Cornelius  May 1860New York, USA I6987
51 LOSEE, Franklin  1854/5New York, USA I25669
52 LOSEE, Fred R  Jan 1888New York, USA I25689
53 LOSEE, George B  1864/5New York, USA I6986
54 LOSEE, Grace  1868/9New York, USA I25672
55 LOSEE, Harrold J  May 1889New York, USA I25678
56 LOSEE, Horatio S  1852/3New York, USA I25670
57 LOSEE, Jesse H  Jan 1858New York, USA I6988
58 LOSEE, Jessie M  Apr 1885New York, USA I25688
59 LOSEE, John C  1847/8New York, USA I25667
60 LOSEE, Margaret V  Aug 1883New York, USA I25677
61 LOSEE, Montgomery A  Aug 1820New York, USA I6983
62 LOSEE, Seymore  1851/2New York, USA I25668
63 LOSEE, Theodore  1843/4New York, USA I25666
64 PEZZEMENTI, Benjamin  26 Jun 1916New York, USA I33120
65 PEZZEMENTI, Dominick   I33122
66 RESSA, Lillian J  Abt Dec 1918New York, USA I10494
67 RESSA, Marie A  Abt Nov 1915New York, USA I10493
68 ROLLESTON, Joseph Francis  3 Aug 1910New York, USA I33132
69 SEARLES, Mary Elizabeth  24 Jan 1897New York, USA I6924
70 STRAMIELLO, Abbettocci  1902/3New York, USA I33098
71 STRAMIELLO, Antonetta  Abt May 1905New York, USA I33099
72 STRAMIELLO, Daniel  Abt Jul 1927New York, USA I33096
73 STRAMIELLO, Daniel V  11 Jan 1897New York, USA I33090
74 STRAMIELLO, Donatella  1900/1New York, USA I33097
75 STRAMIELLO, Jane Elizabeth  1920/1New York, USA I33095
76 TUCKER, Marietta  May 1848New York, USA I10491
77 UNKNOWN, Bessie  1884/5New York, USA I25690
78 UNKNOWN, Catharine  1809/10New York, USA I14177
79 UNKNOWN, Hannah R  1823/4New York, USA I6985
80 UNKNOWN, Lavina L  1844/5New York, USA I25671
81 UNKNOWN, Margaret   I33778
82 UNKNOWN, Mary E  Sep 1866New York, USA I25687
83 UNKNOWN, Sarah E  May 1850New York, USA I25674
84 WALKER, Mary A  Oct 1866New York, USA I10487
85 WASSERBACH, Annie J  1843/4New York, USA I10417


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   Last name, First name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ENNEVER, George Bell  3 Jun 1880New York, USA I10490


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   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CARLSON, Gladys M  16 Mar 1982New York, USA I33088
2 ENNEVER, Carrie  23 Sep 1965New York, USA I6922
3 ENNEVER, Charles Frederick  Dec 1958New York, USA I6918


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   Last name, First name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 STRAMIELLO, Daniel V  26 Jul 1920New York, USA I33090


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   Last name, First name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 SHERWOOD, Caroline  20 Jan 1905New York, USA I6929


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Naturalisation    Person ID 
1 STRAMIELLO, Vito  8 Apr 1912New York, USA I33091
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