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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Stepney District, London


Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5112950, Longitude: -0.0543605


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AMBRIDGE, Bertram Richard  9 Nov 1913Stepney District, London I31597
2 AMBRIDGE, Richard J   I31601
3 BAKER, Anthony   I13329
4 BAKER, Henry V   I13328
5 BALDASSARI, Alfonso   I7232
6 BALDASSARI, Ann J   I11289
7 BAPTIST, Charles M   I28839
8 BAPTIST, David J   I28841
9 BAPTIST, Terence R   I28840
10 BURNS, Patricia   I20115
11 CANAVAN, Julie Karen   I29093
12 CANDICE, Angelina M   I29346
13 CARRINGTON, Margaret   I17943
14 CHATTAWAY, Alan J   I32722
15 CHATTAWAY, Alice E   I32723
16 CHATTAWAY, Benjamin   I32724
17 CHATTAWAY, David   I32725
18 CHATTERWAY, Benjamin   I32727
19 CHATTERWAY, David A   I32728
20 CLAUSON, Helen Maud  26 Nov 1900Stepney District, London I5925
21 COAKE, Ethel Lilian Louisa  1903/4Stepney District, London I32546
22 DARBY, Annmarie   I19598
23 DARBY, Catherine A   I19597
24 DARBY, James W   I19596
25 DOYLE, Annie R   I28832
26 DOYLE, Emma   I28826
27 DOYLE, John Michael   I28831
28 ELLIOTT, John Ernest   I5182
29 ENEVER, Albert George  5 Aug 1927Stepney District, London I14764
30 ENEVER, Allan Robert  2 May 1930Stepney District, London I14766
31 ENEVER, Anthony L   I14775
32 ENEVER, Dennis J   I31886
33 ENEVER, George  1911/2Stepney District, London I14736
34 ENEVER, Grace A  1917Stepney District, London I14737
35 ENEVER, Irene  1928Stepney District, London I14765
36 ENEVER, Joseph P  1925/6Stepney District, London I14763
37 ENEVER, Linda Joyce  29 Sep 1948Stepney District, London I17382
38 ENEVER, Mary L   I28957
39 ENEVER, Masie P   I14767
40 ENEVER, Patricia E   I19575
41 ENEVER, Peter J  1950Stepney District, London I21352
42 ENEVER, Terence Roystan   I14774
43 FLEWITT, Betty A   I14783
44 FLEWITT, David J   I14784
45 FLEWITT, Frederick Robert  21 Dec 1915Stepney District, London I14779
46 FLEWITT, George W  1912Stepney District, London I14782
47 FLEWITT, James J  1913Stepney District, London I14778
48 GALEA, Zoe Margaret   I30342
49 GAMBARDELLA, Rose E  1912Stepney District, London I7226
50 GOODCHILD, Patricia Kathleen  1947Stepney District, London I29616
51 GRANT, Marilyn J   I7127
52 HANNAWAY, Albert H  1935Stepney District, London I9627
53 HANNAWAY, Amanda   I2865
54 HANNAWAY, Anthony   I2866
55 HANNAWAY, Barbara   I6622
56 HANNAWAY, Garry   I10824
57 HANNAWAY, Helen Beatrice   I2365
58 HANNAWAY, Jill   I6621
59 HANNAWAY, Julie Marie   I2868
60 HANNAWAY, Mary   I2368
61 HANNAWAY, Paul   I10823
62 HANNAWAY, Steven J   I2856
63 HANNAWAY, Susan A   I2863
64 HASKELL, William James Samuel  1900Stepney District, London I33916
65 HUSSIEN, Zelma   I11262
66 INCE, Gayna   I7433
67 INCE, Horace E  1912Stepney District, London I4783
68 INCE, James J S   I7422
69 INCE, Joanne   I7424
70 INCE, John   I7426
71 INCE, Marie E   I7229
72 INCE, Roseanna  Abt Sep 1900Stepney District, London I7345
73 INCE, Walter T   I31716
74 JACOBS, Andrew   I29104
75 JACOBS, Robert P   I29102
76 JACOBS, Victoria   I29103
77 KRAY, Gary Charles  3 Jul 1951Stepney District, London I7417
78 LAWS, Pamela I   I12350
79 LINDSELL, Victoria Kathleen   I10826
80 MILDINER, Andrew Paul   I11265
81 MILDINER, Deborah Jane   I11266
82 MOORE, John E   I12241
83 MOORE, Patricia J   I12240
84 MOORE, Raymond George   I12242
85 POWER, Christopher J   I28961
86 POWER, Ellen L   I28959
87 POWER, George P   I28960
88 RUDD, John Patrick   I19375
89 SEWELL, Margaret M   I26415
90 SHEFFIELD, Cynthia B M   I17553
91 SPORTON, Ann S   I4849
92 THOROGOOD, Florence Ruth Alice  1897Stepney District, London I5480
93 THREADWELL, James J   I7396
94 THREADWELL, Jenifer   I11281
95 VAN INGEN, Winifred E   I11288
96 VERE, Elizabeth Meriel   I3678
97 VERE, Rosalind Ann   I3679
98 VINCE, Marie P   I28844
99 WARREN, Henry Thomas  1916Stepney District, London I21216
100 WARREN, Michael   I21217
101 WHISTON, Rose A   I32731


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AMEY, Caroline  1932Stepney District, London I29057
2 BANCE, Doris J  1945Stepney District, London I2905
3 BINDER, Leila Rosina W  1927Stepney District, London I19929
4 CLEMENTS, William Christopher  1937Stepney District, London I28865
5 DOYLE, Alice Maud  1962Stepney District, London I14740
6 ENEVER, Albert Stephen  30 Aug 1968Stepney District, London I21160
7 ENEVER, Eileen  1934Stepney District, London I14758
8 ENEVER, George William Valentine  1931Stepney District, London I14459
9 ENEVER, Irene  1929Stepney District, London I14765
10 ENEVER, James  1891Stepney District, London I14240
11 ENEVER, Joseph P  1926Stepney District, London I14763
12 ENEVER, William James  1885Stepney District, London I14804
13 ENNEVER, Emma  1955Stepney District, London I14672
14 ENNEVER, Rose Emma  18 Apr 1968Stepney District, London I76
15 ENNEVER, Sidney J  1960Stepney District, London I745
16 GLADING, Ivy Florence  1905/6Stepney District, London I23946
17 HODGINS, William  1930Stepney District, London I4680
18 INCE, Ellen (Jane)  1966Stepney District, London I7222
19 INCE, Henry  1937Stepney District, London I7223
20 INCE, James George  1918Stepney District, London I7192
21 INCE, John  1943Stepney District, London I1618
22 INCE, John Samuel  1950Stepney District, London I7221
23 INCE, Matthew Henry  1957Stepney District, London I7196
24 INCE, Matthew Henry  1962Stepney District, London I31625
25 MAPP, George Ernest  1948Stepney District, London I5444
26 MCEWEN, Elizabeth  21 Feb 1931Stepney District, London I30700
27 RAYMOND, William  1897Stepney District, London I8657
28 RUDKIN, Priscilla Ann  1860Stepney District, London I3402
29 TAYLOR, Jessie Alice  1978Stepney District, London I2293
30 WILLOCK, Alice Emma  1976Stepney District, London I127


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 AMBRIDGE / FULCHER  1938Stepney District, London F10143
2 BAKER / GAMBARDELLA  1930Stepney District, London F3252
4 BAPTIST / DOYLE  1929Stepney District, London F9159
5 BROWNFIELD / JOHNSON  1902Stepney District, London F1396
6 BURNS / ENEVER  1929Stepney District, London F6189
7 CANDLER / HARROLD  1896Stepney District, London F362
8 CHATTAWAY / BOYCE  1929Stepney District, London F10531
10 DARBY / ENEVER   F4380
11 ENEVER / MOORE   F6004
12 ENEVER / MORAN   F4379
14 FLEWITT / ENEVER  1937Stepney District, London F4382
15 FLEWITT / ENEVER  1943Stepney District, London F4383
16 FLEWITT / HILLIER  1911Stepney District, London F4384
17 GARRETT / INCE  1898Stepney District, London F2051
20 HARROLD / LAWSON  1896Stepney District, London F2566
21 INCE / SULLIVAN   F2068
22 INCE / THORINGTON  1914Stepney District, London F2013
24 KEELEY / ENEVER  1927Stepney District, London F5270
25 LAWS / SUMMERS  1892Stepney District, London F1560
26 MABBOTT / LOFTUS  1934Stepney District, London F9901
28 MITCHELL / DOVE   F9209
29 POWER / ENEVER   F9205
30 RAYMOND / LAWSON  1899Stepney District, London F2078
31 SHEA / INCE  1898Stepney District, London F2053
32 SHEFFIELD / ENEVER  1932Stepney District, London F5271
33 SMITH / ENEVER   F10767
34 SPORTON / HONEY  1935Stepney District, London F1344
35 VINCE / DOYLE  1927Stepney District, London F9160
36 WARREN / HOLMES  1940Stepney District, London F6558
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