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Walthamstow, Essex


Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (2)

Possibly Walthamstow (see marriage of Reuben Young)?

Latitude: 51.5827101, Longitude: -0.0224388


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRADBROOK, Robert Stanley  Abt Aug 1880Walthamstow, Essex I14662
2 DARLING, Dorothy Bertha  26 Mar 1904Walthamstow, Essex I14609
3 DARLING, Elsie  1 Mar 1908Walthamstow, Essex I14610
4 ENEVER, Alice  14 Jul 1870Walthamstow, Essex I14564
5 ENEVER, Annie  17 Mar 1869Walthamstow, Essex I14563
6 ENEVER, Charles  1867Walthamstow, Essex I14562
7 ENEVER, Eliza Elizabeth  1858Walthamstow, Essex I14521
8 ENEVER, Elizabeth  1878Walthamstow, Essex I14568
9 ENEVER, Elizabeth Annie  1895/6Walthamstow, Essex I14603
10 ENEVER, Emily  1885Walthamstow, Essex I14571
11 ENEVER, Frederick Charles  1896/7Walthamstow, Essex I14589
12 ENEVER, George  1887/8Walthamstow, Essex I14572
13 ENEVER, Henry  1874Walthamstow, Essex I14566
14 ENEVER, James  1818Walthamstow, Essex I14514
15 ENEVER, Jane  1876Walthamstow, Essex I14567
16 ENEVER, John  1833/4Walthamstow, Essex I14524
17 ENEVER, John  1874Walthamstow, Essex I14554
18 ENEVER, Joseph  1883Walthamstow, Essex I14570
19 ENEVER, Joseph Sutherland  1878Walthamstow, Essex I14557
20 ENEVER, Margaret  1877Walthamstow, Essex I14556
21 ENEVER, Mary Ann  1847Walthamstow, Essex I14519
22 ENEVER, Sarah Ann  1862Walthamstow, Essex I14659
23 ENEVER, Thomas  21 Mar 1831Walthamstow, Essex I14525
24 ENEVER, Thomas  1850Walthamstow, Essex I14520
25 ENEVER, Thomas  1881Walthamstow, Essex I14569
26 ENEVER, William  1828/9Walthamstow, Essex I14523
27 ENEVER, William  1872Walthamstow, Essex I14565
28 ENEVER, William  1876Walthamstow, Essex I14555
29 ENEVER, William James  1845Walthamstow, Essex I14518
30 INNEVER, James  1791/2Walthamstow, Essex I14516
31 OXLEY, Charles J  1889/90Walthamstow, Essex I14597
32 OXLEY, Ethel Maud  1906/7Walthamstow, Essex I14575
33 OXLEY, Hilda May  1904Walthamstow, Essex I14574
34 ROGERS, Doris  1904/5Walthamstow, Essex I14586
35 ROGERS, Grace  1906/7Walthamstow, Essex I14587
36 ROGERS, Sydney George  1899Walthamstow, Essex I14584
37 WEBB, Emma  1846/7Walthamstow, Essex I14560


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, Mary Ann  1 Feb 1876Walthamstow, Essex I14519
2 YOUNG, Reuben  1 Feb 1876Walthamstow, Essex I14613


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 ENEVER / EBB  28 Jul 1860Walthamstow, Essex F4298
2 ENEVER / OXLEY  6 Apr 1896Walthamstow, Essex F4308
3 OXLEY / ENEVER  1 Jun 1903Walthamstow, Essex F4303
4 ROGERS / ENEVER  14 Jan 1899Walthamstow, Essex F4307
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