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West Ham District, Essex


Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers
Notes: West Ham was a local government district in the extreme south west of Essex from 1886 to 1965, forming part of the built-up area of London, although outside the County of London. It was immediately north of the River Thames and east of the River Lee.
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The borough included Plaistow, West Ham, Stratford, Canning Town and Silvertown - all of the current-day London Borough of Newham west of Green Street. At the time of the 1901 census it was the ninth most populous town or district in England with a population of 267,308.[4] Although West Ham did not become officially part of London until 1965, the borough formed part of London's built-up area, was part of the London postal district and the Metropolitan Police District.
From 1934 to 1965 it was surrounded by the County Borough of East Ham to the east, the municipal boroughs of Wanstead and Woodford and Leyton to the north, and the metropolitan boroughs of Poplar to the west and Greenwich to the south.
[edit] Predecessors
West Ham underwent rapid growth from 1844 following the Metropolitan Building Act. The Act restricted dangerous and noxious industries from operating in the metropolitan area, the eastern boundary of which was the River Lee. Consequently, many of these activities were relocated to the western side of the river and to West Ham, then a parish in Essex. As a result, West Ham became one of Victorian Britain's major manufacturing centres for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and processed foods. This rapid growth earned it the name "London over the border".[5] The growth of the town was summarised by The Times in 1886:
"Factory after factory was erected on the marshy wastes of Stratford and Plaistow, and it only required the construction at Canning Town of the Victoria and Albert Docks to make the once desolate parish of West Ham a manufacturing and commercial centre of the first importance and to bring upon it a teeming and an industrious population."[5]
Many workers lived in slum conditions close to where they worked, leading to periodic outbreaks of contagious diseases and severe poverty. It had become apparent that local government in the parish of West Ham was not adequate to meet the needs of the area which was divided between the parish vestry, highway board and the Havering and Dagenham Commissioners of Sewers. Problems centred on provision of adequate paving, water supply, fire fighting and control of development. In 1853 a group of ratepayers initiated moves to improve local administration. This led to a public enquiry by Charles Dickens' brother Alfred, a medical officer, who published a report in 1855 severely critical of conditions in the slum areas.[5]
Accordingly the Public Health Act 1848 was applied to the parish, and a local board of health was formed in 1856. The board had 15 members: 12 elected and 3 nominated by the Commissioners of Sewers.[6]



Latitude: 51.5283000, Longitude: 0.0040389


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AARON, Christine I J   I913
2 AINGE, Basil   I28042
3 AINGE, Melanie J   I28044
4 ALLARS, Albert C A   I17641
5 ALLARS, Carol Christine   I17640
6 ALLARS, David James   I17638
7 ALLARS, Elsie I M  1917West Ham District, Essex I12877
8 ALLARS, Ethel V G  1912West Ham District, Essex I12875
9 ALLARS, Florence N D  1914/5West Ham District, Essex I12876
10 ALLARS, James Edward Alexander  16 Sep 1922West Ham District, Essex I17630
11 ALLARS, RenĂ©e Priscilla   I845
12 ALLARS, Vera   I17642
13 ALVES, Alan J   I17531
14 ANDREWS, John R  1912West Ham District, Essex I5435
15 ANDREWS, Lilian V  1914West Ham District, Essex I5436
16 ATKINSON, Ruby Lillian  4 Jun 1916West Ham District, Essex I30717
17 AUSTIN, Catherine Margaret  10 Jun 1913West Ham District, Essex I2492
18 BAILEY, Jessie M K   I15959
19 BARNARD, Cyril G  1914West Ham District, Essex I32066
20 BARNARD, Edward V  1915West Ham District, Essex I32067
21 BARNARD, Ernest  1912/3West Ham District, Essex I32065
22 BARNARD, Florence M  1911/2West Ham District, Essex I19163
23 BARNARD, Herbert  1916West Ham District, Essex I32068
24 BARNARD, Pamela B   I31164
25 BARNES, Ian Keith  2 Nov 1928West Ham District, Essex I1004
26 BARNES, Victor   I1003
27 BARNEY, Deborah T   I17390
28 BARNEY, John W   I17389
29 BINES, Jean E B   I30822
30 BLACKHOLLY, Edith M  1920West Ham District, Essex I24626
31 BONE, Ernest H  1916West Ham District, Essex I29926
32 BRAZIER, Emily Florence  3 Jun 1908West Ham District, Essex I15966
33 BROWN, Alfred E  1915West Ham District, Essex I6404
34 BROWN, Betty R R  1926West Ham District, Essex I6405
35 BROWN, Joan Iris   I6406
36 BROWN, Reginald V   I6407
37 BUNTING, Alice E R  1914West Ham District, Essex I27864
38 BURVILL, Living   I2807
39 CATCHPOLE, Victor Edward  6 Jul 1919West Ham District, Essex I823
40 CHALLIS, Alfred  1920/1West Ham District, Essex I24544
41 CHALLIS, Caroline F  1917West Ham District, Essex I24543
42 CHALLIS, David   I24547
43 CHALLIS, George N   I24548
44 CHALLIS, Grace B   I24546
45 CHALLIS, Jessie E   I24545
46 CHALLIS, Violet E  1914/5West Ham District, Essex I24542
47 CHAPMAN, Alec R  1913/4West Ham District, Essex I26552
48 CHAPMAN, Donald C   I26553
49 CHAPMAN, Irene   I26555
50 CHAPMAN, Jack   I26554
51 CHURCHMAN, Maud Mary  1863West Ham District, Essex I9925
52 CLANCEY, Hilda E  1913West Ham District, Essex I28519
53 CLANCEY, Joy C   I28521
54 CLANCEY, Terence R   I28520
55 COLES, Caroline Charlotte Louisa  1887West Ham District, Essex I2788
56 CORNWELL, Grant Paul MBE   I7409
57 COSTELLO, Claire  1914/5West Ham District, Essex I12501
58 CROXFORD, Elizabeth Gwendoline   I32777
59 CROXFORD, Gwendoline Maud  23 Jul 1916West Ham District, Essex I6764
60 DAVISON, Barbara J   I20532
61 DEEKS, Alfred George  1915/6West Ham District, Essex I27753
62 DEEKS, Ronald E   I27868
63 DEEKS, Sylvia  1913West Ham District, Essex I27752
64 DINSDALE, Derrick Alfred   I17090
65 DINSDALE, Terry  1914West Ham District, Essex I17088
66 DINSDALE, William H  1916West Ham District, Essex I17089
67 DRAYCOTT, Mark   I17922
68 DREDGE, Doris Ethel  22 Sep 1907West Ham District, Essex I10931
69 DUSGATE, Arthur Jack Howard  1922West Ham District, Essex I9829
70 DUSGATE, Doris H   I9830
71 DYSON, Charles A   I29934
72 DYSON, Leslie   I29939
73 ELSOM, Alan Sidney   I7212
74 ELSOM, Eileen F   I6998
75 ELSOM, George H  1917West Ham District, Essex I11723
76 ELSOM, Joyce May   I5736
77 ENEVER, Anne Marie   I21359
78 ENEVER, Annie Amelia  6 Mar 1919West Ham District, Essex I15375
79 ENEVER, Celia Ivy  27 Jun 1925West Ham District, Essex I17370
80 ENEVER, Christine   I21357
81 ENEVER, David Robert  17 Sep 1927West Ham District, Essex I17371
82 ENEVER, David T   I31885
83 ENEVER, Doris McIntyre  Abt Aug 1914West Ham District, Essex I33804
84 ENEVER, Dorothy Ann   I17490
85 ENEVER, Edith A Grace   I20014
86 ENEVER, Edward Daniel  1901West Ham District, Essex I14438
87 ENEVER, Edward Horace  8 May 1923West Ham District, Essex I17369
88 ENEVER, Elaine K   I19576
89 ENEVER, Ernest William  1924West Ham District, Essex I17488
90 ENEVER, Eugenie Bourdon  15 Apr 1910West Ham District, Essex I33592
91 ENEVER, Florence Louise  4 Oct 1922West Ham District, Essex I17487
92 ENEVER, Frederick Joseph  1899/1900West Ham District, Essex I15046
93 ENEVER, Frederick Peter  1909West Ham District, Essex I15045
94 ENEVER, Gary R   I24925
95 ENEVER, George Henry Edward  5 Feb 1931West Ham District, Essex I20015
96 ENEVER, Gladys Frances V   I23516
97 ENEVER, Harold  1896West Ham District, Essex I18449
98 ENEVER, Harry Herbert  1917West Ham District, Essex I15374
99 ENEVER, Herbert Victor  13 Oct 1912West Ham District, Essex I15371
100 ENEVER, Irene May  8 May 1925West Ham District, Essex I26071
101 ENEVER, Jacqueline R   I17385
102 ENEVER, James A   I26070
103 ENEVER, James Joseph  1906West Ham District, Essex I15051
104 ENEVER, James M   I14770
105 ENEVER, Janet  30 Oct 1929West Ham District, Essex I17372
106 ENEVER, John   I21358
107 ENEVER, John Vernon   I17960
108 ENEVER, Joseph Thomas  25 Aug 1915West Ham District, Essex I32380
109 ENEVER, Kim F   I19708
110 ENEVER, Lesley A   I19709
111 ENEVER, Lilian Alice   I15377
112 ENEVER, Martha  1891West Ham District, Essex I18461
113 ENEVER, Mary Ann Elizabeth  1902West Ham District, Essex I15047
114 ENEVER, Maurice Sidney Arthur  15 May 1913West Ham District, Essex I16646
115 ENEVER, Pauline   I21354
116 ENEVER, Robert Alfred  15 Feb 1920West Ham District, Essex I17486
117 ENEVER, Robert J   I23517
118 ENEVER, Robert W   I16657
119 ENEVER, Rosina  22 Jul 1921West Ham District, Essex I17368
120 ENEVER, Rosina May  1893West Ham District, Essex I18460
121 ENEVER, Sidney Edward  5 Aug 1914West Ham District, Essex I15350
122 ENEVER, Stephen   I21356
123 ENEVER, Susan Ivy   I17384
124 ENEVER, Thomas Alan  11 Apr 1934West Ham District, Essex I17900
125 ENEVER, Tony Albert George   I21360
126 ENEVER, Valerie   I21355
127 ENEVER, Valerie Y   I15970
128 ENEVER, Violet Ethel   I15376
129 ENEVER, William Arthur  1912West Ham District, Essex I15349
130 ENEVER, William Matthew Alfred  7 Jun 1917West Ham District, Essex I16588
131 ENEVER, William Robert  15 Aug 1886West Ham District, Essex I14834
132 ENEVER, William Robert  10 Jan 1917West Ham District, Essex I32381
133 ENEVER, William Ronald  11 Apr 1934West Ham District, Essex I17901
134 ENEVER, William Thomas  1917West Ham District, Essex I26069
135 ENGLEBACK, Daisy G   I18463
136 ENNEVER, Alfred Andrew  7 Jun 1916West Ham District, Essex I805
137 ENNEVER, Cyril Frederick  1 Aug 1920West Ham District, Essex I764
138 ENNEVER, Harry Andrew  21 May 1890West Ham District, Essex I84
139 ENNEVER, Janice Irene   I636
140 ENNEVER, Joan Doreen   I843
141 ENNEVER, Leonard Reginald  11 Sep 1912West Ham District, Essex I631
142 ENNEVER, Ronald Leslie  15 Aug 1924West Ham District, Essex I842
143 FERRIER, Arthur John  1882/3West Ham District, Essex I7294
144 FERRIER, Arthur Reynold  1911/2West Ham District, Essex I4921
145 FERRIER, Edgar H  1913West Ham District, Essex I4922
146 FERRIER, George R C   I4925
147 FERRIER, Harry W  1915West Ham District, Essex I4924
148 FOSS, David   I17952
149 FRANCIS, Charles Alfred   I5459
150 FRANCIS, Sheila Edith   I5460
151 GIBBS, Albert W   I10511
152 GIBBS, Constance R N  1924West Ham District, Essex I5593
153 GIBBS, Ivy Lillian   I5241
154 GLEADELL, Mary I  1923West Ham District, Essex I17381
155 GOYMER, Desmond R T   I28036
156 GOYMER, Marjorie S  1912West Ham District, Essex I28026
157 GOYMER, Maurice F   I28037
158 GOYMER, Muriel E  1916West Ham District, Essex I28028
159 GOYMER, Sylvia A  1914West Ham District, Essex I28027
160 GROOM, Angela L   I24922
161 GROOM, David I   I24923
162 GROOM, Herbert R  1911West Ham District, Essex I23981
163 GROOM, John   I23950
164 GROOM, Karen T   I24924
165 GROOM, Kenneth S   I23985
166 GROOM, Michael Peter   I24921
167 GROOM, Pamela A   I24916
168 GROOM, Robert E   I23986
169 GROOM, Sylvia A   I24919
170 GROOM, Thomas W  1919West Ham District, Essex I23983
171 GROOM, Wilfred D  1914West Ham District, Essex I23982
172 GROVER, Edward H   I15161
173 GROVER, Margaret B   I15159
174 GROVER, Marjorie J   I15160
175 GROVER, Robert A W   I15158
176 GROVER, Sylvia R   I15162
177 HAMMANT, Joyce E D   I23341
178 HASKELL, Ada D   I33919
179 HASKELL, Annie Irene  Abt Sep 1911West Ham District, Essex I33918
180 HASKELL, Elsie Rosina  1910West Ham District, Essex I33917
181 HEAFORD, Geoffrey Roy   I9646
182 HOBBS-HURRELL, Charles Henry  1905/6West Ham District, Essex I18984
183 HOGG, Anthony John   I2633
184 HOGG, Living   I2634
185 HOGG, Living   I2635
186 HOLMES, Eileen Sarah  23 Dec 1914West Ham District, Essex I21198
187 HOOPER, Ada Louise  20 Aug 1915West Ham District, Essex I6379
188 HOPKINS, Leslie J   I5295
189 HOSLER, Lilian E C   I8372
190 HOUSE, Edward Charles  28 Mar 1893West Ham District, Essex I13973
191 HUNT, Charles Henry  1916West Ham District, Essex I17377
192 HUNT, Frederick Joseph  19 Dec 1919West Ham District, Essex I17378
193 HUNT, George Stephen  1912West Ham District, Essex I17379
194 HUNT, Susan Celia  1913/4West Ham District, Essex I17380
195 HURRELL, Karen F   I24353
196 HUTCHINSON, Rosemary   I17579
197 HUTCHINSON, Ruth Rosina   I17578
198 INCE, Elizabeth Veronica   I7407
199 INCE, Ellen M  1931West Ham District, Essex I7406
200 INCE, John James  11 May 1929West Ham District, Essex I7404
201 INCE, Minnie Margaret   I7399
202 INCE, Phyllis Florence   I7410
203 JAMIESON, Sandra   I31490
204 JEFFERY, Daphne P   I18031
205 JOHNSTON, Frank W  1913/4West Ham District, Essex I32620
206 JOHNSTON, Lilian E  1916West Ham District, Essex I32621
207 KEELEY, Joan   I17550
208 KELLY, Elizabeth A   I33032
209 KELLY, James   I33018
210 KELLY, Mary Ann  4 Sep 1913West Ham District, Essex I14936
211 KELLY, Thomas  1916West Ham District, Essex I33019
212 KERRY, Walter A   I5242
213 KIDD, Carole A   I17583
214 KIDD, Frances Angela  1937West Ham District, Essex I17581
215 KIDD, Frederick C   I17582
216 KIDD, Frederick Henry Augustus  13 Jan 1912West Ham District, Essex I17580
217 KIRBY, Albert Clifford  22 Dec 1903West Ham District, Essex I633
218 KIRBY, Sheila H   I634
219 KITTLE, Julie Ivy  6 Jun 1959West Ham District, Essex I30067
220 LOGAN, Annie  5 Apr 1907West Ham District, Essex I23587
221 LOHSE, Joan Miriam  1930West Ham District, Essex I26500
222 LOWE, Alice M   I5604
223 LOWE, Florence M  1913/4West Ham District, Essex I2604
224 MALLETT, Alice K  1914West Ham District, Essex I28687
225 MAPP, Alice  1899West Ham District, Essex I5443
226 MAPP, Martha Kenzett  1904West Ham District, Essex I5445
227 MARSACK, Edward Stephen  1914West Ham District, Essex I6322
228 MCCLUSKEY, Edna G   I33827
229 MEYER, Jennifer A   I19529
230 MEYER, Pamela S   I19530
231 MILLS, Lesa   I7412
232 MORAN, Kathleen M   I14771
233 NEVELL, Sheila M   I19577
234 NIGHTINGALE, Phillip C   I17496
235 NUNNERY, Alice Puchener  3 Nov 1918West Ham District, Essex I19145
236 NUNNERY, Florence J   I19153
237 NUNNERY, Frederick T  1912/3West Ham District, Essex I19151
238 NUNNERY, Herbert E  1915/6West Ham District, Essex I19152
239 NUNNERY, Jane O   I19155
240 NUNNERY, Millicent F  1911/2West Ham District, Essex I19150
241 NUNNERY, Phyllis W   I19154
242 PETCHEY, Ralph F   I20201
243 PHILLIPS, Alexander G   I31889
244 PHILLIPS, Iris E  7 Feb 1925West Ham District, Essex I31890
245 REDGEWELL, Charles James  15 Jul 1915West Ham District, Essex I5456
246 REDGEWELL, David C  1913West Ham District, Essex I7302
247 REDGEWELL, James G   I7303
248 REDGEWELL, Thomas L   I7304
249 RIVERS, Patricia J   I15964
250 ROBERTS, Vera Joan  23 Jan 1927West Ham District, Essex I5454

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Matches 1 to 72 of 72

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASH, Edna Blanche  1913West Ham District, Essex I24996
2 ASH, Leslie John Rowland  1932/3West Ham District, Essex I24994
3 BINDER, Henri Alexander  1909West Ham District, Essex I19821
4 BOWLES, Emma Elizabeth  1918West Ham District, Essex I897
5 BURGESS, May Nellie  1901West Ham District, Essex I20455
6 DEEKS, Cyril James Vaughan  1965West Ham District, Essex I27863
7 DURRANT, Robert William  1899West Ham District, Essex I30635
8 DURRANT, William Charles  1893West Ham District, Essex I30638
9 ELSOM, Ada Amelia  1896West Ham District, Essex I12997
10 ENEVER, Aaron  1902West Ham District, Essex I14849
11 ENEVER, Alice Celia Victoria  1904West Ham District, Essex I15042
12 ENEVER, Alice Louisa  1893West Ham District, Essex I14831
13 ENEVER, Ernest Edwin  1918West Ham District, Essex I15348
14 ENEVER, Francis Alexander  1909West Ham District, Essex I15353
15 ENEVER, George Henry  1911West Ham District, Essex I14365
16 ENEVER, Harry Herbert  1918West Ham District, Essex I15374
17 ENEVER, Henry Joseph  1925West Ham District, Essex I14789
18 ENEVER, John  1900West Ham District, Essex I14292
19 ENEVER, Lilian Louise  1917West Ham District, Essex I16647
20 ENEVER, Violet Lilian Grace  1901West Ham District, Essex I14422
21 ENEVER, William Arthur  1912West Ham District, Essex I15349
22 ENEVER, William Robert  1888West Ham District, Essex I14834
23 ENIFER, Horace Edward  1955West Ham District, Essex I14847
24 ENNEVER, Ada Rosalie  22 Jun 1919West Ham District, Essex I109
25 ENNEVER, Daisy May Victoria  Abt Nov 1899West Ham District, Essex I1942
26 ENNEVER, Elsie Edith  1903West Ham District, Essex I2172
27 ENNEVER, Emily May  1924West Ham District, Essex I841
28 ENNEVER, Ernest Alfred Frederick  1906West Ham District, Essex I2169
29 ENNEVER, Grace  2 Apr 1961West Ham District, Essex I327
30 ENNEVER, Henry  31 Oct 1929West Ham District, Essex I58
31 ENNEVER, James Robert  1880West Ham District, Essex I2249
32 ENNEVER, Samuel Forster  1870West Ham District, Essex I1225
33 EVERATT, Ralph  1931West Ham District, Essex I17878
34 FERRIER, Arthur John  1883West Ham District, Essex I7294
35 FERRIER, Edgar H  1913West Ham District, Essex I4922
36 FLEXON, Susannah  1937West Ham District, Essex I83
37 FORSTER, Caroline Mary Ann  1900West Ham District, Essex I48
38 GIBBS, Martin  1905West Ham District, Essex I1426
39 GIBBS, William Lear  1933West Ham District, Essex I771
40 GREEN, John  1864West Ham District, Essex I2783
41 HALL, Sarah  1892West Ham District, Essex I14417
42 HALLIDAY, Dorothy  1918West Ham District, Essex I33434
43 HART, Constance Amy  1934West Ham District, Essex I30821
44 HELMORE, Gertrude Francis  1892West Ham District, Essex I6031
45 HORSHAM, Emily  1899West Ham District, Essex I30640
46 HORT, Minnie  1898West Ham District, Essex I21028
47 INCE, Ellen M  1931West Ham District, Essex I7406
48 LAPIDGE, Elizabeth Jane  1904West Ham District, Essex I7135
49 LEE, Mary Anne  1892West Ham District, Essex I14357
50 LEVI, Frances Hannah  1904West Ham District, Essex I5068
51 MAPP, Alice  1899West Ham District, Essex I5443
52 MAPP, Charles Higgins  27 Mar 1930West Ham District, Essex I3893
53 MAPP, Martha Kenzett  1904West Ham District, Essex I5445
54 MAPP, Robert Elliott  1924West Ham District, Essex I5446
55 MARSACK, George Richardson  1885/6West Ham District, Essex I3848
56 MEHRTENS, Charlotte Elizabeth  1905West Ham District, Essex I2177
57 OADLEY, Withen  1929West Ham District, Essex I14846
58 PAPE, Mary Ann Elizabeth  1921West Ham District, Essex I14468
59 PATTEN, Lydia Maria  1939West Ham District, Essex I5737
60 PINEGER, Edith Jane  17 Feb 1931West Ham District, Essex I3894
61 POLLARD, Harriet Dorothy  1922West Ham District, Essex I454
62 PORTER, Jessie Ann Ellen  1888West Ham District, Essex I17005
63 POWELL, Sarah Anna  1931West Ham District, Essex I17362
64 RICHARDS, Frederick A  1919West Ham District, Essex I20108
65 SPORTON, Henry James  1958West Ham District, Essex I755
66 TROTT, George  1901West Ham District, Essex I21025
67 TROTT, Robert  1898West Ham District, Essex I20995
68 TROTT, Sarah Ann  1888West Ham District, Essex I21020
69 TROTT, William Henry  1857West Ham District, Essex I20997
70 VINER, Sarah Wilder  6 Jun 1934West Ham District, Essex I103
71 WICKHAM, Sarah R  1915West Ham District, Essex I5074
72 WRIGHT, Jessie Maria  1891West Ham District, Essex I19942


Matches 1 to 183 of 183

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 ADRIEN / HAWKES  1920West Ham District, Essex F10469
2 ALDRIDGE / THOROUGHGOOD  1891West Ham District, Essex F7354
3 ANDREWS / MAPP  1912West Ham District, Essex F1508
4 ASH / LEWIS  1928West Ham District, Essex F7900
5 AUSTIN / POMPHRETT  1889West Ham District, Essex F766
6 BALDASSARI / INCE  1927West Ham District, Essex F2018
7 BANKS / ENEVER  1921West Ham District, Essex F10235
8 BANKS / ENEVER  1926West Ham District, Essex F6187
10 BARNARD / PHILLIPS  1914West Ham District, Essex F5897
11 BARRETT / PUNT  1914West Ham District, Essex F5156
12 BARTON / BARNARD  1917West Ham District, Essex F9794
13 BINES / HART  1932West Ham District, Essex F9858
14 BLACKHOLLY / SMITH  1919West Ham District, Essex F7776
15 BODDY / ENEVER  1886West Ham District, Essex F4269
16 BROWN / MELDRUM  1914West Ham District, Essex F1791
17 BRUNDISH / ENEVER  1893West Ham District, Essex F4690
18 BRYANT / ENEVER  1905West Ham District, Essex F4587
19 BUNTING / BROWN  1914West Ham District, Essex F8845
20 BURGESS / ENEVER  1854West Ham District, Essex F6262
21 BURGESS / MOSS  1889West Ham District, Essex F6309
22 BURGESS / ROBERTS  1915West Ham District, Essex F9508
23 BUTLER / HOLMES  1899West Ham District, Essex F6533
24 CARRINGTON / ROWE  1923West Ham District, Essex F7929
25 CATTERMOLE / ENEVER  1898West Ham District, Essex F4582
26 CHALLIS / BARNARD  1892West Ham District, Essex F5891
27 CHALLIS / SKINGSLEY  1914West Ham District, Essex F7744
28 CHANDLER / ENEVER  1894West Ham District, Essex F4246
29 CHAPMAN / ROGERS  1878West Ham District, Essex F1496
30 CHAPMAN / STATHAM  1919West Ham District, Essex F6186
31 CLANCEY / CHEESEWRIGHT  1906West Ham District, Essex F9053
32 CLAUSON / WEDGE   F1447
33 COLE / CHALLIS   F7745
34 CORNWELL / INCE   F2069
35 COSTELLO / RUNDLE  1930West Ham District, Essex F3657
36 DEEKS / ROSS  1913West Ham District, Essex F8912
37 DICKINS / BISHOP  1907West Ham District, Essex F6391
38 DINSDALE / NIGHTINGALE  1914West Ham District, Essex F5102
39 DRAYCOTT / KIDD   F5408
40 DUSGATE / SUCH  1919West Ham District, Essex F2840
41 EDKINS / BISHOP  1908West Ham District, Essex F6390
43 ENEVER / AGER  23 May 1933West Ham District, Essex F7329
44 ENEVER / BERGER  1925West Ham District, Essex F4950
45 ENEVER / BISHOP  1898West Ham District, Essex F4491
46 ENEVER / BRAZIER  1931West Ham District, Essex F4769
47 ENEVER / BROWN  1934West Ham District, Essex F5603
48 ENEVER / BUTLER   F4378
49 ENEVER / CHARLTON  1938West Ham District, Essex F5281
50 ENEVER / DONAGHY  1896West Ham District, Essex F4262
51 ENEVER / FULLER   F4906
52 ENEVER / GERARD   F10231
53 ENEVER / HALL  1884West Ham District, Essex F4261
54 ENEVER / HANNAFORD  1937West Ham District, Essex F6447
55 ENEVER / HARRISON  1899West Ham District, Essex F4472
56 ENEVER / MATTHEWS  1906West Ham District, Essex F4473
57 ENEVER / MILLIGAN  1944West Ham District, Essex F11052
58 ENEVER / MORGAN  1906West Ham District, Essex F4581
59 ENEVER / MOTT   F5422
60 ENEVER / OADLEY  1897West Ham District, Essex F4403
61 ENEVER / OVERHEAD  1894West Ham District, Essex F4247
62 ENEVER / PAPE  1892West Ham District, Essex F4273
63 ENEVER / ROBINSON  1900West Ham District, Essex F4264
64 ENEVER / ROERIG  1953West Ham District, Essex F5411
65 ENEVER / SAYERS  Abt Nov 1939West Ham District, Essex F11061
66 ENEVER / SCAIFE  1889West Ham District, Essex F4271
67 ENEVER / SEWELL  1917West Ham District, Essex F6149
68 ENEVER / SMITH  1916West Ham District, Essex F4948
69 ENEVER / STATHAM  1909West Ham District, Essex F4254
72 ENEVER / WOODHOUSE  1914West Ham District, Essex F4963
73 ENEVER / WRIGHT  1936West Ham District, Essex F7391
74 ENGLEBACK / ENEVER  1918West Ham District, Essex F5608
75 ENIFER / LAKE  1921West Ham District, Essex F5205
76 ENNEVER / MAPP  1915West Ham District, Essex F243
77 ENNEVER / MARSACK  1925West Ham District, Essex F167
79 ENNEVER / STANLEY  1939West Ham District, Essex F194
80 FERRIER / MAPP  1911West Ham District, Essex F1384
81 FINCH / TROTT  1885West Ham District, Essex F6506
82 FLEXON / HOGG  1895West Ham District, Essex F619
83 FORD / MOORE   F10951
84 FOSS / ENEVER   F5423
85 FRANCIS / MAPP  1929West Ham District, Essex F1514
87 GARDINER / JOHNSON  1885West Ham District, Essex F6500
88 GAY / TROTT  1895West Ham District, Essex F6508
89 GERARD / MORGAN  1920West Ham District, Essex F11060
90 GIBBS / COX  1908West Ham District, Essex F8481
91 GODWARD / CHALLIS  1923West Ham District, Essex F7730
92 GRANT / TURNER  1885West Ham District, Essex F9021
93 GRAVES / ENNEVER  1930West Ham District, Essex F2382
94 GRIFFITHS / ENEVER  1910West Ham District, Essex F4961
95 GROOM / ENEVER  6 Nov 1905West Ham District, Essex F4962
96 GROOM / PARKER   F7870
97 GROOM / SHEARER  1929West Ham District, Essex F7546
98 GROUT / BRISTOW  1876West Ham District, Essex F6080
99 GROVER / ENEVER  1917West Ham District, Essex F4407
100 HALL / LUKE  1905West Ham District, Essex F4406
101 HALLIDAY / PATTEN  1895West Ham District, Essex F10806
103 HARVEY / OAKLEY  1892West Ham District, Essex F6082
104 HEAFORD / PUGH  1930West Ham District, Essex F2780
105 HELMORE / PICKARD  1889West Ham District, Essex F1669
106 HILL / ENEVER   F5424
107 HOGG / MASON   F803
108 HOSLER / MAPP  1915West Ham District, Essex F1510
109 HOWETT / HUNT  1927West Ham District, Essex F8825
110 HUMPHREY / ENEVER  1890West Ham District, Essex F4272
111 HUNT / WICKS  1934West Ham District, Essex F8826
112 HUTCHINSON / PRIOR  1898West Ham District, Essex F7837
113 JOHNSON / TROTT  1874West Ham District, Essex F6498
114 KEEVES / BISHOP  1901West Ham District, Essex F6389
115 KERRY / LEEDER  1881West Ham District, Essex F1087
116 KIDD / BUTTON   F5409
117 KIDD / ENEVER  1936West Ham District, Essex F5280
118 KING / SMITH  1934West Ham District, Essex F5842
119 LOGAN / SMITH  1933West Ham District, Essex F5840
120 LOHSE / HAYDEN  1921West Ham District, Essex F9993
121 LOW / ALLARS  1919West Ham District, Essex F1501
122 MALLETT / CLANCEY  1913West Ham District, Essex F9109
123 MARKHAM / HUNT  1928West Ham District, Essex F8827
124 MARSACK / ROBINSON  1899West Ham District, Essex F188
125 MARSH / DONOVAN  1890West Ham District, Essex F7406
126 MCCLUSKEY / ENEVER  1920West Ham District, Essex F10930
127 MEYER / GROVER   F4616
128 MILLS / INCE   F2070
129 MORGAN / CHALLIS   F7771
130 NUNNERY / PERRY  1905West Ham District, Essex F5836
131 PAINE / GOYMER  1900West Ham District, Essex F8884
132 PERRY / SCALES  1890West Ham District, Essex F9853
133 PETCHEY / SARGEANT  1934West Ham District, Essex F6230
134 PHILLIPS / ENEVER  1920West Ham District, Essex F10233
135 PLUMMER / HALL  1932West Ham District, Essex F10419
136 PORTER / BRAND  1898West Ham District, Essex F5085
137 PRACY / TICKNER  1898West Ham District, Essex F6146
138 PUGH / HOOPER  1941West Ham District, Essex F772
139 REAVELL / EXELL  9 Jul 1910West Ham District, Essex F2028
140 REDDALL / WILLIAMS  1900West Ham District, Essex F6640
141 REDGEWELL / HALLEY-FRAME  1904West Ham District, Essex F2040
142 RICHARDS / ENEVER  1917West Ham District, Essex F6185
143 SADLER / SAXON  1914West Ham District, Essex F11055
144 SAUNDERS / ENEVER  1898West Ham District, Essex F6307
145 SAVILLE / BARNARD  1888West Ham District, Essex F5895
146 SAYERS / MAIDEN  1911West Ham District, Essex F11062
147 SCOTT / ANDREWS  1924West Ham District, Essex F8515
148 SCOTT / JOHNSON  1898West Ham District, Essex F6501
149 SCOTT / REEVE  1929West Ham District, Essex F9364
150 SEARL / PRACEY  1915West Ham District, Essex F387
151 SEWELL / WOODFORD  1936West Ham District, Essex F8386
152 SHIRLEY / BARNARD  1929West Ham District, Essex F9796
153 SKINGSLEY / BROWN  1893West Ham District, Essex F7769
154 SMERDON / HORT  1890West Ham District, Essex F6494
155 SMERDON / STOTHARD  1915West Ham District, Essex F6497
156 SMERDON / TROTT  1874West Ham District, Essex F6493
157 SMITH / ENEVER  1931West Ham District, Essex F5345
158 SMITH / NUNNERY  1949West Ham District, Essex F5838
159 SORENSON / KELLY   F10661
160 SORRELL / BURGESS  1919West Ham District, Essex F9517
161 STAINES / UNKNOWN  1906West Ham District, Essex F4173
162 SUCH / GATWARD  1890West Ham District, Essex F2386
163 THOMPSON / ALDRIDGE  1913West Ham District, Essex F6518
164 THOMPSON / WILKS  1910West Ham District, Essex F6512
166 TODD / PUXLEY  1882West Ham District, Essex F3714
167 TROTT / JARVIS  1879West Ham District, Essex F6505
168 TROTT / SMITHURST  1880West Ham District, Essex F6502
169 WAGER / MAPP  1909West Ham District, Essex F1509
170 WAKEFIELD / BARNARD  1889West Ham District, Essex F7733
171 WARD / SMITH   F5841
172 WARE / HOSLER   F3464
173 WARREN / GAY  1923West Ham District, Essex F9341
174 WEBBER / SMITH  1894West Ham District, Essex F8028
175 WHITE / GREEN  1895West Ham District, Essex F9019
176 WILLIAMS / COLLINS  1884West Ham District, Essex F97
177 WILLMORE / STAINES  1913West Ham District, Essex F3337
178 WISE / PIDDINGTON  1907West Ham District, Essex F10491
179 WOOLF / ENEVER  1925West Ham District, Essex F5602
180 WRIGHT / TROTT  1902West Ham District, Essex F6507
181 WYATT / ENEVER   F5207
182 WYATT / FORDHAM  1895West Ham District, Essex F6642
183 WYGOLD / CLAUSSEN  1914West Ham District, Essex F1453
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