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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Poplar District, London


Tree: 10. Essex Enevers (5)
Latitude: 51.5018263, Longitude: -0.0259430

Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (2)
Latitude: 51.5018263, Longitude: -0.0259430

Tree: 2. East End Ennevers
Latitude: 51.5018263, Longitude: -0.0259430

Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers
Latitude: 51.5018263, Longitude: -0.0259430

Tree: 6. Essex Ennevers(2)
Latitude: 51.5018263, Longitude: -0.0259430

Tree: 9. Essex Enevers (4)
Latitude: 51.5018263, Longitude: -0.0259430


Matches 1 to 222 of 222

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHMAN, Frank E   I28070
2 BATES, Emily Elizabeth  3 Jan 1914Poplar District, London I806
3 BRINKLEY, Ada L   I19540
4 BRINKLEY, Alice N   I19543
5 BRINKLEY, Betty I   I19544
6 BRINKLEY, Catherine A   I19551
7 BRINKLEY, Elizabeth A   I19541
8 BRINKLEY, Gwendoline H   I19550
9 BRINKLEY, Josephine H   I14773
10 BRINKLEY, Laura L   I19545
11 BRINKLEY, Lily L   I19546
12 BRINKLEY, Louisa P   I19547
13 BRINKLEY, Rose L   I19542
14 BRINKLEY, William C   I19548
15 CARMODY, Florence Catherine  19 Jul 1909Poplar District, London I1297
16 CARMODY, John M  28 Jul 1912Poplar District, London I33237
17 CHALLIS, Betty  1928Poplar District, London I24474
18 CHALLIS, Eleanor  1925Poplar District, London I24472
19 CHALLIS, Joan   I24473
20 CHALLIS, Samuel  1923Poplar District, London I24471
21 CHAPMAN, Alfred C   I14109
22 CHAPMAN, Frederick M   I14106
23 CHAPMAN, Henry C   I14107
24 CHAPMAN, Ivy D   I14110
25 CHAPMAN, Lillian A E   I14108
26 CLAUSON, Eleanor Mildred  Abt Sep 1919Poplar District, London I3930
27 CLAUSON, Florence A   I5735
28 CLAUSON, Frederick Arthur   I5184
29 CLAUSON, George  12 Mar 1904Poplar District, London I5174
30 CLAUSON, Henry  Abt Jun 1907Poplar District, London I5175
31 CLAUSON, Honor Lavinia  4 Sep 1913Poplar District, London I5185
32 CLAUSON, James E  1912Poplar District, London I5186
33 CLAUSON, Jessie E  1915Poplar District, London I5187
34 CLAUSON, Joseph Arthur   I5178
35 CLAUSON, Susan Carol   I5181
36 CLAUSON, William D  9 Oct 1919Poplar District, London I5188
37 CLIFTON, Venie Jane  1 Dec 1900Poplar District, London I5176
38 COMMON, John H G   I9286
39 COMMON, Lilian Ann  1912Poplar District, London I12153
40 COMMON, Martha L   I9287
41 COMMON, Thomas W   I9288
42 COMMONS, Arthur W   I13808
43 COMMONS, Charles Albert  1908/9Poplar District, London I12649
44 COMMONS, Christopher D   I9259
45 COMMONS, Cyril W   I13518
46 COMMONS, Dorothy A E   I9258
47 COMMONS, Eleanor F   I9283
48 COMMONS, Eric  1923/4Poplar District, London I9172
49 COMMONS, Eric A   I13517
50 COMMONS, Florence E   I9281
51 COMMONS, Irene   I9174
52 COMMONS, Irene E   I9095
53 COMMONS, Ivy R  1914Poplar District, London I9284
54 COMMONS, James R   I9282
55 COMMONS, John  1904/5Poplar District, London I9163
56 COMMONS, John Walter  1915Poplar District, London I9166
57 COMMONS, Kathleen  1922Poplar District, London I9171
58 COMMONS, Kathleen Rose   I9252
59 COMMONS, Lily C   I13809
60 COMMONS, Mary B   I9170
61 COMMONS, Robert Henry  1925/6Poplar District, London I9173
62 COMMONS, William J   I9257
63 COOPER, Hubert C  1916Poplar District, London I28057
64 CUSHEN, Jeanette Dorothy   I6780
65 DEEKS, Adelaide   I27929
66 DEEKS, Bruce Leonard  1896Poplar District, London I27843
67 DEEKS, Cyril James Vaughan  6 Apr 1905Poplar District, London I27863
68 DEEKS, Eric   I27927
69 DEEKS, Ethel E   I27908
70 DEEKS, Herbert William George  1912Poplar District, London I27916
71 DEEKS, Horace J   I28078
72 DEEKS, Jessie M   I27926
73 DEEKS, May M   I27928
74 DEEKS, Minnie A  1915Poplar District, London I27917
75 DEEKS, Sidney W J   I27924
76 DILLEY, Henrietta Maud  1895Poplar District, London I29445
77 DOW, Herbert S   I14729
78 DOW, Irene D   I14727
79 DOW, Ivy E  1912Poplar District, London I14724
80 DOW, Rose F   I14726
81 DOW, Thomas W   I14728
82 DOW, Violet  1914/5Poplar District, London I14725
83 EBANKS, Michael Austin   I24225
84 ENEVER, Albert William  1 Apr 1920Poplar District, London I16833
85 ENEVER, Angela J   I19948
86 ENEVER, Anthony C   I17249
87 ENEVER, David R   I17250
88 ENEVER, Elsie Florence  1903Poplar District, London I18132
89 ENEVER, Julie C   I14776
90 ENEVER, Kenneth A   I17241
91 ENEVER, Lorraine Anita   I14777
92 ENEVER, Michael Albert   I18507
93 ENEVER, Patricia R   I17242
94 ENEVER, Paul Raymond   I18506
95 ENEVER, Raymond E J   I17243
96 ENEVER, Terry John   I18508
97 ENNEVER, Amy F  1920/1Poplar District, London I746
98 ENNEVER, Arthur Herbert  23 Jun 1913Poplar District, London I128
99 ENNEVER, Beatrice  15 Jul 1924Poplar District, London I767
100 ENNEVER, Evelyn Dora   I2025
101 ENNEVER, Francis Robert  15 Jan 1920Poplar District, London I649
102 ENNEVER, Fred  1890Poplar District, London I126
103 ENNEVER, Isaac George  1924Poplar District, London I776
104 ENNEVER, Ivy R   I747
105 ENNEVER, John Frederick  7 Feb 1922Poplar District, London I775
106 ENNEVER, Leonard Frederick  9 Feb 1907Poplar District, London I563
107 ENNEVER, Lilian Rosina  10 Aug 1922Poplar District, London I770
108 ENNEVER, Sidney J  1914/5Poplar District, London I745
109 ESSAM, Frank  1 Nov 1907Poplar District, London I26947
110 ESSAM, George  1 Nov 1907Poplar District, London I26948
111 ESSAM, Walter Charles  1928Poplar District, London I2738
112 EVERETT, Jill   I11740
113 GIBSON, Ada E  1912/3Poplar District, London I32127
114 GIBSON, Alice L   I32128
115 GIBSON, George William  10 Dec 1915Poplar District, London I32129
116 GLADING, Doris Irene  Abt Nov 1911Poplar District, London I23948
117 GLADING, Ivy Florence  6 Dec 1904Poplar District, London I23946
118 GODDARD, Albert R   I9862
119 GODDARD, Eileen   I9863
120 GODDARD, Henry A R   I9861
121 GODDARD, Maria  1912Poplar District, London I9860
122 GROUT, Joseph J   I12316
123 GROUT, Joyce   I12318
124 GROUT, Vera L   I12317
125 HANNAWAY, Adelain Winifred   I2367
126 HANNAWAY, Derek Leonard  10 Oct 1937Poplar District, London I2366
127 HANNAWAY, Kenneth J   I2862
128 HANNAWAY, Mark Anthony   I2867
129 HANNAWAY, Thomas John  1913Poplar District, London I6480
130 HARVEY, Sarah Ann  1911Poplar District, London I9255
131 HOGG, Frederick E  1915Poplar District, London I2626
132 INCE, Pauline Alice   I7418
133 JAMIESON, Ada Frances  3 Dec 1912Poplar District, London I2883
134 JAMIESON, George  23 Jul 1917Poplar District, London I2908
135 JAMIESON, John  1914Poplar District, London I5608
136 JONES, Arthur W   I9301
137 JONES, Frederick J  1914Poplar District, London I9302
138 JONES, Ivy M  1911Poplar District, London I23777
139 KEELEY, Irene   I17551
140 LAWS, Florence Irene  23 Mar 1920Poplar District, London I832
141 LAWS, Stella R   I12349
142 LEIGH, Cecilia Jessie  6 Mar 1915Poplar District, London I2292
143 LEIGH, Laura E   I6625
144 MACKINNON, Alison Elaine   I6869
145 MACKINNON, David A   I2873
146 MACKINNON, Deborah A   I2874
147 MACKINNON, Richard Lachlan   I2872
148 MILLS, Nina Rebecca   I7413
149 MITCHELL, George E   I5928
150 MITCHELL, Henry E   I5930
151 MOORE, Doris   I7415
152 MOORE, Ellen D   I12239
153 MUMFORD, Derek W   I23755
154 MUMFORD, Maureen S   I23756
155 NIGHTINGALE, Alice Mary  31 Dec 1891Poplar District, London I16832
156 PAVITT, Ivy Beatrice   I2861
157 PAVITT, Lilian Beatrice L P  1925Poplar District, London I32548
158 PEARCEY, Alice L  1913/4Poplar District, London I7296
159 PEARCEY, Christopher John  1902/3Poplar District, London I7295
160 PEARCEY, Ellen A  1912Poplar District, London I7297
161 PETTS, Dorothy   I27486
162 PETTS, Rose   I27489
163 PIRIE, James  Jan 1912Poplar District, London I33260
164 PRATT, Albert James  1908Poplar District, London I13800
165 PRATT, James R  Abt Jul 1910Poplar District, London I13801
166 PRATT, Thomas J  1913Poplar District, London I9304
167 PURKIS, Deborah Matilda  22 Dec 1907Poplar District, London I2024
168 RANDALL, Lilian Florence Mary  1893Poplar District, London I16842
169 RICHARDSON, Ronald J  1911/2Poplar District, London I13388
170 ROSS, Agnes Emily   I9298
171 ROSS, Dorothy V  1912Poplar District, London I9299
172 SEWELL, Robert James  12 Feb 1913Poplar District, London I26401
173 SHEPPARD, Leonard J   I7401
174 SHEPPARD, Linda C   I7402
175 SMITH, Janet E E   I19377
176 SMITH, Patricia E   I19373
177 SMITH, Terence H   I19379
178 SMITH, Valerie M   I19378
179 STONE, Annie E   I6607
180 STONE, Emily E  1 Sep 1915Poplar District, London I4978
181 STONE, Ethel M   I6765
182 STONE, Helen Florence  1 Sep 1915Poplar District, London I4979
183 STONE, John R E  1912/3Poplar District, London I2885
184 STONE, Kenneth Walter   I9971
185 STONE, Stanley S   I5607
186 SUMMERHILL, Minnie F  1913Poplar District, London I27892
187 TADMAN, Clifford Ernest   I6727
188 TADMAN, Colin Edward   I6728
189 TADMAN, Donald Henry  7 Jul 1930Poplar District, London I6724
190 TADMAN, Edith Elizabeth  7 Jan 1905Poplar District, London I6594
191 TADMAN, Glenda Florence   I6726
192 TADMAN, Jean Ivy   I6723
193 TADMAN, Lily Rose  23 Jul 1912Poplar District, London I6592
194 TADMAN, Louisa Harriet  1906Poplar District, London I6596
195 TADMAN, Molly Lilian   I6725
196 TADMAN, Raymond Arthur Stanley   I6729
197 TAYLOR, Jessie Alice  16 Nov 1899Poplar District, London I2293
198 THOMPSON, John Arthur  25 Sep 1927Poplar District, London I2834
199 THOMPSON, John Edward   I2836
200 THWAITES, Ann E   I17225
201 THWAITES, Charles T   I17223
202 THWAITES, Eileen F   I17226
203 THWAITES, Henry J  1912/3Poplar District, London I17221
204 THWAITES, Lily   I17227
205 THWAITES, Mary Ellen L  1914/5Poplar District, London I17222
206 THWAITES, William A   I17224
207 TOULSON, Florence M   I9096
208 VINCE, Phyllis J   I28845
209 WATSON, Alfred G  1924Poplar District, London I17237
210 WATSON, Daniel Henry  23 Apr 1920Poplar District, London I17236
211 WATSON, Lilian M   I17238
212 WEIDIG, Alfred  1902Poplar District, London I2775
213 WEIDIG, Daisy  1901Poplar District, London I2774
214 WEIDIG, Elizabeth  1904Poplar District, London I2776
215 WEIDIG, Rose Emma  1914Poplar District, London I1601
216 WHITEHEAD, Ivy Ruth  3 Sep 1912Poplar District, London I23789
217 WILKINS, Leslie Henry  1924Poplar District, London I17615
218 WILLIAMS, David   I23793
219 WILLMORE, Samuel C  1916Poplar District, London I831
220 WOONTON, Charles L  1914/5Poplar District, London I5687
221 WOONTON, Doris May  18 Sep 1920Poplar District, London I5688
222 YOUNG, Gladys Maud Emily  13 Dec 1903Poplar District, London I6721


Matches 1 to 73 of 73

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAM, Matilda  1893Poplar District, London I1921
2 CAMPAIN, John  1902Poplar District, London I2337
3 CHALLIS, Eleanor  1925Poplar District, London I24472
4 CHAPMAN, Arthur  Abt Nov 1901Poplar District, London I30699
5 CLAUSON, Eleanor Mildred  26 Jul 1922Poplar District, London I3930
6 COLLARD, Maria  1929Poplar District, London I14532
7 COLLINS, Emma  1931Poplar District, London I74
8 COLLINS, Priscilla Ann  1906Poplar District, London I323
9 COMMONS, Robert  Abt May 1916Poplar District, London I9250
10 DEEKS, Bruce Leonard  1899Poplar District, London I27843
11 ENEFER, Lilian Sarah  1918Poplar District, London I28061
12 ENEVER, Albert Edward  1968Poplar District, London I14540
13 ENEVER, Elizabeth Ann  1928Poplar District, London I14825
14 ENEVER, Frederick Henry  1893Poplar District, London I14801
15 ENNEVER, Ada  1915Poplar District, London I55
16 ENNEVER, Alfred Charles  Before 31 Jul 1892Poplar District, London I1404
17 ENNEVER, Arthur Herbert  1924Poplar District, London I78
18 ENNEVER, Charles  1917Poplar District, London I149
19 ENNEVER, Daisy Drusilla  Abt Aug 1892Poplar District, London I1940
20 ENNEVER, Edwin John  1978Poplar District, London I123
21 ENNEVER, Ellen  1898Poplar District, London I1623
22 ENNEVER, Ernest  1921Poplar District, London I47
23 ENNEVER, Frederick  Before 31 Dec 1905Poplar District, London I2252
24 ENNEVER, Frederick William James  Abt Oct 1892Poplar District, London I2254
25 ENNEVER, John William  1947Poplar District, London I168
26 ENNEVER, Minnie Maud  Aft 14 Jul 1896Poplar District, London I2289
27 ENNEVER, Percival Arthur  1912Poplar District, London I2287
28 ENNEVER, Rose  1905Poplar District, London I2284
29 ENNEVER, Rose Emma  1908Poplar District, London I1218
30 ENNEVER, Rosetta May  1898Poplar District, London I2285
31 ENNEVER, Sydney Archibald  Abt Sep 1905Poplar District, London I2282
32 ESSAM, Frank  1907Poplar District, London I26947
33 ESSAM, George  Dec 1907Poplar District, London I26948
34 FOLEY, Ellen  1909Poplar District, London I9162
35 GLOSTER, Susan  8 Feb 1922Poplar District, London I3779
36 GREEN, Louisa  1926Poplar District, London I1229
37 GRIFFITHS, Elizabeth Harriett  1934Poplar District, London I120
38 HANNAWAY, Ellen Rosetta  1901Poplar District, London I2043
39 HANNAWAY, George  1925Poplar District, London I2041
40 HANNAWAY, Matilda May  Abt Aug 1923Poplar District, London I2044
41 HILL, Mary Ann  1920Poplar District, London I45
42 HOGG, Mark  1923/4Poplar District, London I757
43 HOLMES, Henry  1921/2Poplar District, London I21224
44 HOUCHEN, John Christopher  1900Poplar District, London I3772
45 HOUSE, William James  1892Poplar District, London I13779
46 HUTCHINGS, William Morris  1900Poplar District, London I2183
47 INCE, Elizabeth May  Abt Nov 1903Poplar District, London I7220
48 INCE, George Matthew  1972Poplar District, London I1625
49 INCE, Gertrude Maud  1891Poplar District, London I1621
50 INCE, James  1972Poplar District, London I7219
51 JAMIESON, William George  1949Poplar District, London I56
52 JONES, Thomas Hiram  1974Poplar District, London I23774
53 LAWS, James  1918Poplar District, London I5561
54 LEE, Charlotte  1921Poplar District, London I51
55 LLOYD, Isabella  1892Poplar District, London I2007
56 MORRIS, Eliza Elizabeth  Abt May 1899Poplar District, London I4551
57 PARK, Mary Birrell  1899Poplar District, London I13974
58 PARR, Elizabeth T  1900Poplar District, London I1811
59 PEARE, Rebecca  21 Nov 1898Poplar District, London I316
60 PIRIE, Alice  1926Poplar District, London I768
61 ROBERTS, May Enefer  1894Poplar District, London I28011
62 SAVILLE, Jessie Kate  1894Poplar District, London I19326
63 SPENCE, Edward  1917Poplar District, London I14843
64 SPORTON, Stanley J  1916Poplar District, London I4785
65 STURGEON, Priscilla Ann  1906Poplar District, London I2157
66 TADMAN, Louisa Harriet  1907Poplar District, London I6596
67 TOLL, Burgess Oliver  1893Poplar District, London I21862
68 WATSON, Alfred G  1925Poplar District, London I17237
69 WEEKS, Henry George  1905Poplar District, London I24446
70 WEIDIG, Alfred  1903Poplar District, London I2775
71 WEIDIG, Caroline  1915Poplar District, London I1232
72 WELLS, Elizabeth  1911Poplar District, London I61
73 WELSH, Amelia Agnes T  1890Poplar District, London I19309


Matches 1 to 66 of 66

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 ASHMAN / ENEFER  1916Poplar District, London F8914
2 CARMODY / GILL  Abt Oct 1908Poplar District, London F416
3 CATCHPOLE / ENNEVER  1942Poplar District, London F276
4 CHALLIS / WEEKS  1923Poplar District, London F7715
5 CLAUSON / CLIFTON  25 Dec 1922Poplar District, London F1446
6 CLAUSON / GILLARD  5 Jun 1922Poplar District, London F1449
7 COMMON / DAMRELL  1908Poplar District, London F2664
9 COMMONS / GRAY  1920Poplar District, London F2666
10 COOPER / DEEKS  1916Poplar District, London F8911
11 DEEKS / BRADLEY  1892Poplar District, London F8918
12 DEEKS / REYNOLDS  1926Poplar District, London F8865
13 EDWARDS / DALRYMPLE  1933Poplar District, London F7559
14 ELLIS / INCE   F2077
16 ENEVER / DAWSON   F6126
18 ENEVER / GLADING  1926Poplar District, London F4964
19 ENEVER / NIGHTINGALE  1917Poplar District, London F5022
20 ENEVER / RANDALL  1920Poplar District, London F5026
21 ENEVER / STILL  1912Poplar District, London F5167
22 ENEVER / WEBB  1934Poplar District, London F5170
23 ENNEVER / BATES  1938Poplar District, London F269
24 ENNEVER / MASON  1908Poplar District, London F40
25 GODDARD / JOSE  1903Poplar District, London F2850
26 GODDARD / ROSS   F2682
27 GREGORY / ALLAN  1898Poplar District, London F2730
28 GROUT / UREN  1924Poplar District, London F3595
33 HANNAWAY / TAYLOR  1929Poplar District, London F708
34 HEBDEN / COMMON  1934Poplar District, London F3535
36 JONES / GRANT   F9578
37 LAGDEN / HOGG  1898Poplar District, London F801
38 LEE / HOUGHTON  1898Poplar District, London F3245
42 MAY / STONE  1938Poplar District, London F5229
43 MELBOURNE / WEIDIG  1918Poplar District, London F860
44 MOORE / LOWE  1920Poplar District, London F3278
45 MUMFORD / HUDSON  1930Poplar District, London F7479
46 ORCHARD / TADMAN  22 Mar 1958Poplar District, London F1871
47 PAVITT / COAKE  1923Poplar District, London F10466
48 PAVITT / HAWKES  1944Poplar District, London F10468
49 PEARCEY / HOUCHEN  1902Poplar District, London F2032
50 PIRIE / PHILLIPS  1895Poplar District, London F450
51 REEVES / HANNAWAY  1930Poplar District, London F706
52 RUDD / SMITH   F5913
53 SHEPPARD / INCE   F2067
54 SHEPPARD / RIDLEY  1928Poplar District, London F7872
55 SPORTON / MCKENZIE  13 Mar 1916Poplar District, London F1345
56 TADMAN / DUFFUS  1948Poplar District, London F1870
57 TADMAN / YOUNG  1925Poplar District, London F1872
58 TOULSON / COMMONS  1919Poplar District, London F2395
60 UREN / SMITH  1926Poplar District, London F3596
61 WATSON / ENEVER  1919Poplar District, London F5168
62 WEIDIG / LEAHY  14 Feb 1925Poplar District, London F850
64 WILLMORE / ENNEVER  1945Poplar District, London F280
65 WOOD / ENEVER   F5178
66 YATES / HOGG  1938Poplar District, London F810
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