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Rainham, Essex


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5159639, Longitude: 0.1908944

Tree: 6. Essex Ennevers(2)

Latitude: 51.5159639, Longitude: 0.1908944


Maria Enever
Maria Enever
Kelly's Directory 1914, Rainham
Maria Enever
Maria Enever
Kelly's Directory 1914, Rainham

Rainham Church and The Broadway
Rainham Church and The Broadway
Although Rainham Broadway was merely a dusty, open space in 1895 it was already the focal point of Rainham.
Rainham Church and The Broadway
Rainham Church and The Broadway
Although Rainham Broadway was merely a dusty, open space in 1895 it was already the focal point of Rainham.
Rainham, early 1900s.
Rainham, early 1900s.
Rainham in the early 1900s and the village had still not lost its medieval layout.
Rainham, early 1900s.
Rainham, early 1900s.
Rainham in the early 1900s and the village had still not lost its medieval layout.


Matches 1 to 75 of 75

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COOPER, Susannah  1822/3Rainham, Essex I18379
2 ENEVER, Eliza  12 Aug 1811Rainham, Essex I546
3 ENEVER, Joseph  17 Oct 1806Rainham, Essex I545
4 ENEVER, Joseph  13 Nov 1806Rainham, Essex I440
5 ENEVER, Mary  3 May 1808Rainham, Essex I532
6 ENEVER, Robert Ponder  16 Apr 1806Rainham, Essex I348
7 ENEVER, William Joseph  10 Jan 1810Rainham, Essex I533
8 ENNEVER, Alfred  4 Feb 1855Rainham, Essex I336
9 ENNEVER, Ann Viner  Before 26 Apr 1840Rainham, Essex I536
10 ENNEVER, Eliza  11 Jun 1812Rainham, Essex I534
11 ENNEVER, Eliza  24 Jul 1837Rainham, Essex I345
12 ENNEVER, Eliza Emma  Before 16 Nov 1856Rainham, Essex I675
13 ENNEVER, Elizabeth  Before 24 Nov 1861Rainham, Essex I362
14 ENNEVER, Emily  1866Rainham, Essex I368
15 ENNEVER, Francis  1846Rainham, Essex I334
16 ENNEVER, Francis John  Before 9 Nov 1828Rainham, Essex I164
17 ENNEVER, Frederick  1857Rainham, Essex I337
18 ENNEVER, George  1863Rainham, Essex I679
19 ENNEVER, Henry  2 Jul 1846Rainham, Essex I58
20 ENNEVER, Herbert Alfred  Before 7 Aug 1881Rainham, Essex I370
21 ENNEVER, James  23 Sep 1815Rainham, Essex I520
22 ENNEVER, Jane  Before 17 Feb 1833Rainham, Essex I523
23 ENNEVER, Jane Elizabeth  Abt Jul 1838Rainham, Essex I352
24 ENNEVER, John  11 Sep 1803Rainham, Essex I531
25 ENNEVER, John Francis  1841Rainham, Essex I527
26 ENNEVER, Joseph  3 Jun 1799Rainham, Essex I529
27 ENNEVER, Joseph  Before 29 Jan 1843Rainham, Essex I354
28 ENNEVER, Maria  26 May 1860Rainham, Essex I338
29 ENNEVER, Mary  1864Rainham, Essex I680
30 ENNEVER, Mary Amelia  Before 12 May 1880Rainham, Essex I681
31 ENNEVER, Mary Ann  2 Jul 1794Rainham, Essex I682
32 ENNEVER, Mary Ann  Abt Mar 1845Rainham, Essex I599
33 ENNEVER, Mary Ann  Before 17 Jan 1847Rainham, Essex I355
34 ENNEVER, Mary Anne  25 Aug 1797Rainham, Essex I528
35 ENNEVER, Robert  5 Jun 1852Rainham, Essex I2288
36 ENNEVER, Robert Vinar  Abt 1830Rainham, Essex I522
37 ENNEVER, Sarah  9 Apr 1801Rainham, Essex I530
38 ENNEVER, Sarah  30 Jul 1841Rainham, Essex I525
39 ENNEVER, Sarah Ann  1835Rainham, Essex I535
40 ENNEVER, Thomas  Abt May 1843Rainham, Essex I526
41 ENNEVER, Thomas  1849/50Rainham, Essex I335
42 ENNEVER, Thomas Henry  1818/9Rainham, Essex I24
43 ENNEVER, William  21 May 1809Rainham, Essex I350
44 ENNEVER, William  Abt Nov 1840Rainham, Essex I353
45 ENNEVER, William Hill  1843/4Rainham, Essex I333
46 EVERET, Eliza  Abt 1820Rainham, Essex I25
47 EVERETT, Louisa  Before 17 Aug 1835Rainham, Essex I59
48 FARROW, Eliza  Feb 1860Rainham, Essex I18377
49 FARROW, George  1857/8Rainham, Essex I18380
50 FARROW, William  1856Rainham, Essex I18385
51 FARROW, William Richard  1824/5Rainham, Essex I18378
52 GREGORY, Emma  16 Feb 1860Rainham, Essex I371
53 GREGORY, George  Abt 1851Rainham, Essex I1285
54 GREGORY, John  1857/8Rainham, Essex I1287
55 GREGORY, Louisa  1863/4Rainham, Essex I12627
56 GREGORY, Reuben  1861/2Rainham, Essex I12626
57 GREGORY, Sarah  1855/6Rainham, Essex I1286
58 GREGORY, Thomas  1819/20Rainham, Essex I1282
59 GREGORY, Thomas  1848/9Rainham, Essex I1284
60 HILL, Amelia  1824/5Rainham, Essex I332
61 HILL, Elizabeth  Abt Sep 1900Rainham, Essex I6687
62 HILL, Ellen Emily  1877/8Rainham, Essex I6685
63 HILL, Francis John  1830/1Rainham, Essex I366
64 HILL, Frank Phillips  1873/4Rainham, Essex I6684
65 HILL, Mary Ann  1832/3Rainham, Essex I367
66 HOWARD, Elizabeth  1878/9Rainham, Essex I6686
67 LUXFORD, Mary Ann  1827/8Rainham, Essex I1283
68 REED, Sarah  1815/6Rainham, Essex I12932
69 ROCKLIFF, Charles  1866/7Rainham, Essex I12832
70 ROCKLIFF, Joseph  1868/9Rainham, Essex I12833
71 ROGERS, Emily  1889/90Rainham, Essex I14221
72 UNKNOWN, Sarah  1798/9Rainham, Essex I365
73 UNKNOWN, Sarah  1817/8Rainham, Essex I27795
74 WARD, Anna Amelia  1835/6Rainham, Essex I20921
75 WARD, Joseph  31 Dec 1839Rainham, Essex I20918


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last name, First name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ENNEVER, Thomas  19 Oct 1817Rainham, Essex I521
2 EVERET, Eliza  11 Jun 1820Rainham, Essex I25
3 WARD, Anna Amelia  5 Mar 1836Rainham, Essex I20921
4 WARD, Elizabeth  25 Feb 1834Rainham, Essex I20920


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DURRANT, Mary  1798Rainham, Essex I538
2 ENEVER, Robert Ponder  27 Dec 1865Rainham, Essex I348
3 ENNEVER, Ann Viner  Before 18 Jul 1848Rainham, Essex I536
4 ENNEVER, Francis  1866Rainham, Essex I334
5 ENNEVER, George  1863Rainham, Essex I679
6 ENNEVER, James  27 Nov 1848Rainham, Essex I677
7 ENNEVER, Jane  Before 15 Nov 1840Rainham, Essex I523
8 ENNEVER, John  1 May 1850Rainham, Essex I38
9 ENNEVER, John Francis  Dec 1841Rainham, Essex I527
10 ENNEVER, Mary  1864Rainham, Essex I680
11 ENNEVER, Mary Ann  1817Rainham, Essex I682
12 ENNEVER, Sarah  Jun 1844Rainham, Essex I525
13 ENNEVER, Sarah Mary  Before 5 Feb 1854Rainham, Essex I678
14 ENNEVER, Thomas  Jun 1843Rainham, Essex I526
15 ENNIVER, Joseph  Before 28 Aug 1810Rainham, Essex I537
16 EVERITT, John  Abt Dec 1852Rainham, Essex I39
17 NOICE, Maria  22 Feb 1888Rainham, Essex I349
18 PONDER, Mary  24 Oct 1857Rainham, Essex I519


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last name, First name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ENNEVER, George  3 May 1863Rainham, Essex I679
2 ENNEVER, John  7 May 1850Rainham, Essex I38
3 ENNEVER, Mary  4 Dec 1864Rainham, Essex I680
4 JACOBS, Mary Anne  7 Jul 1842Rainham, Essex I543


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last name, First name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BARKER, Jane  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I351
2 ENEVER, Eliza  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I546
3 ENEVER, Robert Ponder  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I348
4 ENNEVER, Ann  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I2796
5 ENNEVER, Ann Viner  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I536
6 ENNEVER, Eliza  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I345
7 ENNEVER, Eliza  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I534
8 ENNEVER, Francis John  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I164
9 ENNEVER, James  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I520
10 ENNEVER, John  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I531
11 ENNEVER, Thomas Henry  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I24
12 ENNEVER, William  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I350
13 ENNEVER, William  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I353
14 EVERET, Eliza  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I25
15 HILL, Amelia  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I332
16 HILL, Francis John  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I366
17 HILL, John  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I364
18 HILL, Mary Ann  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I367
19 JACOBS, Mary Anne  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I543
20 KNIGHT, Mary  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I544
21 LUXFORD, John  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I1290
22 LUXFORD, Mary Ann  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I1283
23 LUXFORD, Sarah  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I1292
24 LUXFORD, Thomas  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I1291
25 NOICE, Eliza  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I3381
26 NOICE, Maria  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I349
27 POTTER, Phyllis  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I3375
28 UNKNOWN, Jane  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I1289
29 VINER, Jane  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I344
30 WARD, Anna Amelia  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I20921
31 WARD, Elizabeth  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I20920
32 WARD, Joseph  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I20918
33 WARD, Mary  1 Jun 1841Rainham, Essex I20919


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 ENNEVER, Alfred  31 Jul 1879Rainham, Essex I336
2 ENNEVER, Ann  31 Dec 1839Rainham, Essex I2796
3 ENNEVER, James  2 Mar 1817Rainham, Essex I520
4 ENNEVER, James  5 Jun 1852Rainham, Essex I520
5 ENNEVER, John  2 Mar 1817Rainham, Essex I38
6 ENNEVER, John  19 Oct 1817Rainham, Essex I38
7 ENNEVER, John  24 Oct 1819Rainham, Essex I38
8 ENNEVER, John  24 Jul 1837Rainham, Essex I531
9 ENNEVER, Robert  1 Mar 1802Rainham, Essex I541
10 ENNEVER, Thomas  19 Oct 1817Rainham, Essex I521
11 ENNEVER, Thomas Henry  24 Oct 1819Rainham, Essex I24
12 ENNEVER, Thomas Henry  1 Jun 1843Rainham, Essex I24
13 ENNEVER, Thomas Henry  2 Jul 1846Rainham, Essex I24
14 EVERET, Eliza  11 Jun 1820Rainham, Essex I25
15 EVERET, Eliza  30 Jul 1841Rainham, Essex I25
16 EVERET, Eliza  1 Jun 1843Rainham, Essex I25
17 EVERET, Eliza  2 Jul 1846Rainham, Essex I25
18 EVERETT, John  20 Apr 1822Rainham, Essex I28355
19 EVERETT, Rebecca  28 Sep 1817Rainham, Essex I28354
20 EVERITT, Elizabeth  13 Feb 1814Rainham, Essex I28353
21 EVERITT, John  6 Aug 1812Rainham, Essex I39
22 EVERITT, John  13 Feb 1814Rainham, Essex I39
23 EVERITT, John  28 Sep 1817Rainham, Essex I39
24 EVERITT, John  11 Jun 1820Rainham, Essex I39
25 EVERITT, John  20 Apr 1822Rainham, Essex I39
26 FARROW, William Richard  13 May 1887Rainham, Essex I18378
27 FARROW, William Richard  13 May 1887Rainham, Essex I18378
28 GREGORY, Eliza  6 Oct 1887Rainham, Essex I363
29 GREGORY, Thomas  16 Feb 1860Rainham, Essex I1282
30 HILL, Amelia  5 Jun 1852Rainham, Essex I332
31 LUXFORD, Mary Ann  16 Feb 1860Rainham, Essex I1283
32 PONDER, Mary  2 Mar 1817Rainham, Essex I519
33 PONDER, Mary  19 Oct 1817Rainham, Essex I519
34 PONDER, Mary  24 Oct 1819Rainham, Essex I519
35 ROGERS, William  6 Oct 1887Rainham, Essex I1507
36 STOKER, John William  22 Oct 1896Rainham, Essex I1550
37 VINER, Jane  24 Jul 1837Rainham, Essex I344
38 WALTON, Mary  6 Aug 1812Rainham, Essex I1099
39 WALTON, Mary  13 Feb 1814Rainham, Essex I1099
40 WALTON, Mary  28 Sep 1817Rainham, Essex I1099
41 WALTON, Mary  20 Apr 1822Rainham, Essex I1099
42 WALTON, Mary  11 Jun 1822Rainham, Essex I1099
43 WARD, James  31 Dec 1839Rainham, Essex I20917


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 ENNEVER, Emily  1892Rainham, Essex I368


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 ENNEVER, Alfred  1914Rainham, Essex I336
2 ENNEVER, Maria  1914Rainham, Essex I338
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