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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.



Note: pins may represent approximate locations

Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: 38.8969115, Longitude: -77.0316696

Tree: 4. New York Ennevers

Latitude: 38.8969115, Longitude: -77.0316696

Tree: 3. Jamaican Ennever/ors

Latitude: 38.8969115, Longitude: -77.0316696

Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 38.8969115, Longitude: -77.0316696

Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (4)

Latitude: 38.8969115, Longitude: -77.0316696

Tree: 7. Essex Enevers (2)

Latitude: 38.8969115, Longitude: -77.0316696


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CALVERT, Lori Lynn   I32880
2 CULLEN, Joseph  1895/6USA I33100
3 DERCOUCHE, Helen   I7989
4 DULLAGHAN, Patricia   I7992
5 ENNEVER, Joseph Knox   I21005
6 ENNEVER, Paul   I21004
7 FENRICH, Dawn   I32881
8 FIERLE, Ronald   I7915
9 GRAF, Pamela   I7986
10 HENNINGSEN, Donald   I252
11 JONES, John   I7979
12 PERONE, Joyce   I7924
13 PERONE, Marydonna   I7918
14 POLLACK, Margaret  Abt 1911USA I7744
15 POWELL, Gertrude  1883USA I18386
16 STRAMIELLO, James  1908/9USA I33102
17 STRAMIELLO, Rosie  1910/1USA I33103
18 STRAMIELLO, Tessie  1906/7USA I33101
19 TURK, Deborah   I7983
20 UNKNOWN, Joan   I8036
21 WAITS, Jane   I16881
22 WAITS, Michael   I16882
23 WAITS, Penelope   I16880
24 WALTER, David   I7836
25 WALTER, Gary Maurice   I7834
26 WALTER, Gregory   I7835
27 WALTER, Paul Junior   I7837
28 WALTER, Paula   I7833
29 WALTER, Scott   I7838
30 WELBORN, Charles Scotty   I7756


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLARE, Mildred Holley  1984USA I18398
2 ENNEVER, Nellie  1940USA I946
3 HARRY BROFF, Larry Wirth  USA I7811
4 POWELL, Arthur Godfrey  18 Dec 1976USA I18390
5 POWELL, Edward Browning  4 Sep 1917USA I18393
6 POWELL, Gertrude  1887USA I18386
7 POWELL, Henry Douglas  1979USA I18391
8 TIDD, Nellie May  1952USA I18396


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ENNEVER, Hezekiah Nunns  1880USA I445
2 STREET, Thomas White  1 Apr 1881USA I9850


Matches 1 to 115 of 115

   Last name, First name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Mary Louise   I7887
2 AUBURN, Sheila I  Before 2003USA I25329
3 BARSNESS, Erick Nilson  1861USA I5541
4 BENNETT, Samuel James  24 Nov 1885USA I15095
5 BLAIR, Patrick  USA I32231
6 BOLLONS, Elsie Annie  21 Apr 1919USA I14581
7 BOURDON, Beatrice Hestel  23 Apr 1921USA I33559
8 BRYAN, William John   I10166
9 BUBLICK, Gary   I287
10 BURGOYNE, Cleopatra Cecilia  24 Nov 1885USA I15093
11 CADAVID, Alvaro   I8047
12 CARLSON, Anders Peter  1889USA I33086
13 CASSIDY, Sarah  Abt 1840USA I32646
14 CHALLIS, Jean C   I24687
15 CHRISTIE, Alexander  Before 1823USA I11241
16 CLARE, Edward J  1882USA I18825
17 CLARK, William  Before 1836USA I11144
18 CLOTHIER, Thomas  20 May 1876USA I5636
19 COOKE, Gabrielle   I12517
20 CURRIE, Elvera Frederica   I5890
21 DAINES, Jennifer S   I23482
22 DAVIS, Inis Amanda  USA I11802
23 DELISSER, Donal Allan  USA I7869
24 DELISSER, Eamonn John   I7871
25 DELISSER, Emmanuel David   I8014
26 DELISSER, Lorcan Everard   I7868
27 DELISSER, Stuart Bourke   I7872
28 DENNIS, Thomas Henry  Before 1910USA I9349
29 DOYLE, Florence A  1901USA I18395
30 DOYLE, John W  1898USA I18832
31 DOYLE, Margaret  1898USA I18831
32 DOYLE, unknown  USA I18829
33 DUFFY, John H  1840USA I32645
34 DUNCAN, Joyce Elaine Juanita  Aft 1941USA I7802
35 DWYER, Margaret H  Abt 1885USA I958
36 EDKINS, Ernest Samuel S  Abt 1909USA I20683
37 ENEVER, Annie Elizabeth  1887USA I14999
38 ENEVER, Augustus Joseph  11 Sep 1885USA I15076
39 ENEVER, Christopher John   I23184
40 ENEVER, Eugenie Bourdon  23 Apr 1921USA I33592
41 ENEVER, Henry  1887USA I14998
42 ENEVER, James  1887USA I15001
43 ENEVER, James  1887USA I14944
44 ENEVER, Lorna Beatrice Estella  23 Apr 1921USA I33562
45 ENEVER, Louisa  1887USA I15000
46 ENEVER, Michael Christopher N   I18145
47 ENEVER, Paul Andrew J   I18144
48 ENEVER, Robin P   I18137
49 ENNEVER, Harold Mastin  Before 2009USA I8130
50 ENNEVER, Joanne Mary   I202
51 ENNEVER, Norma Marguerite  Before 1965USA I8339
52 ENNEVER, Poristan  1902USA I8094
53 ENNEVOR, Britany   I13462
54 ERNANDEZ, Winsome Eunice  Before 1984USA I8338
55 FELSCHOW, William W  Between 1877 and 1879USA I19222
56 FOSTER, Rosclair   I8116
57 FRANKLIN, Emma  1887USA I15005
58 FRANKLIN, Mary  1887USA I14996
59 HALFMAN, Charles Lewis  Before 1892USA I33163
60 HART, Susan   I12519
61 HASSALL, Christopher M   I23483
62 HASSALL, Claire Louise   I23484
63 HASSALL, Deborah Anne   I23485
64 HOLT, Edward  USA I10510
65 HOLZMAN, Delphi C  1966USA I19676
66 HORNER, Sydney James  Abt 1894USA I3716
67 HUFTY, Myrle Renwood  1962USA I7767
68 HUTCHINSON, Ann Eliza  Abt 1880USA I9848
69 IVES, Elinor M   I18143
70 JACOBSON, Martha  Before 1869USA I6373
71 KIRBY, Sarah E  Before 1861USA I5904
72 KIRKPATRICK, Marguerite F  4 Mar 1947USA I3130
73 LARKE, Seneca  Abt 1854USA I5903
74 LYNE, Ada Beatrice  Abt 1894USA I19023
75 MATYK, Anthony  USA I34944
76 NARDIELLO, Maria Lucia  Abt 1898USA I33092
77 NELSON, Adelina Charlotte  1889USA I33087
78 NETHERSOLE, Ewart Lee  Before 1920USA I13547
79 O'REILLY, Jennie Veronica  Abt 1875USA I971
80 PARRISH, Beverley   I7847
81 PENNACCHINI, William Achille  Abt 1894USA I19016
82 PERCIVAL, Kenneth   I30416
83 POWELL, Arthur Godfrey  Abt 1900USA I18390
84 POWELL, Henry Douglas  1897USA I18391
85 RAINBOW, Brenda Mary   I16873
86 RESSA, Anthony  USA I10492
87 ROMERO, Emanuel Augusts  1903USA I7717
88 SAPPAH, Michael  1907USA I33108
89 SIMPSON, James Edward   I8798
90 SKINNER, Arthur John Spear  1921USA I6188
91 SKVOR, Mary Blanche  USA I34945
92 SMETHURST, Stella  21 Apr 1919USA I31763
93 STOCKER, Eva L  Before 1996USA I25327
94 STRAMIELLO, Vito  Abt 14 May 1893USA I33091
95 STREET, James William  Abt 1881USA I9855
96 STREET, Nellie M  USA I30326
97 STREET, Samuel  Abt 1881USA I9854
98 STREET, Thomas White  Abt 1880USA I9850
99 SVENSDATTER, Bertha  Abt 1866USA I6372
100 TAYLOR, Francis Albert Sydney  1920USA I17847
101 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  Before 1823USA I11242
102 UNKNOWN, Ellen  Before 1838USA I6932
103 UNKNOWN, Hasibe  1913USA I33109
104 UNKNOWN, Marie  1866USA I15007
105 UNKNOWN, Mary A  1901USA I18830
106 UNKNOWN, Mary J  1921USA I33597
107 UNKNOWN, Minnie  1897USA I30188
108 WAITS, Loyd H   I16879
109 WEHBY, Phillip Salim Beshara  Before 1986USA I7742
110 WELBOURN, Jill M   I9728
111 WHILLIER, Annie Fairbanks  Abt 1867USA I964
112 WHITING, Austin Masters  USA I10716
113 WINTON, Tracey L   I10270
114 WINTON, Trudi K   I10271
115 WOONTON, Elizabeth Maria  Aft 1871USA I1177


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last name, First name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 FARMER, Sarah Jenny  Abt 1893USA I9456
2 HENNINGSEN, Donald   I252
3 HILL, May Sabina  4 Apr 1960USA I6
4 HILL, William  Abt 1872USA I608
5 HORNER, Edward Henry  1894USA I3720
6 SERIÉ, Odette  Abt 1946USA I18732
7 STEAD, Hannah Maria  Abt 1872USA I926


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 CHALLIS, Jean C   I24687
2 EDKINS, Ernest Samuel S  1912USA I20683
3 ENEVER, Edwin Alexander  Abt 1940USA I19658
4 ENNEVOR, Sean   I5891
5 JANIS, Stefan Jude   I15649
6 KIRKPATRICK, Marguerite F  1950USA I3130
7 MYERS, Hyacinth May  18 Mar 1964USA I7728
8 POWELL, Milton Douglas  Abt 1946USA I18731
9 SIMPSON, James Edward   I8798


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last name, First name(s)    Naturalisation    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, Eugenie Bourdon  5 Jan 1972USA I33592
2 ENNEVER, Minnett Esemine  1917USA I7698
3 HORNER, Sidney James  1891USA I2324
4 ROMERO, Emanuel Augusts  1917USA I7717


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last name, First name(s)    Travel    Person ID 
1 BARSNESS, Joanne May   I3400
2 BOURDON, Beatrice Hestel  3 Jun 1921USA I33559
3 BOURDON, Beatrice Hestel  16 Feb 1922USA I33559
4 BOURDON, Beatrice Hestel  28 Jan 1925USA I33559
5 ENEVER, Eugenie Bourdon  3 Jun 1921USA I33592
6 ENEVER, Eugenie Bourdon  16 Feb 1922USA I33592
7 ENEVER, Lorna Beatrice Estella  3 Jun 1921USA I33562
8 ENEVER, Lorna Beatrice Estella  16 Feb 1922USA I33562
9 ENNEVER, William Joseph  2 Feb 1905USA I386
10 ENNEVER, William Joseph John  Abt 28 Jan 1928USA I1439
11 WILSON, Ellie Esmeralda  Abt 1943USA I15980


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 JONES / WALTER   F2252
5 WALTER / GRAF   F2254
6 WALTER / TURK   F2253
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