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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Hackney District, London


Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5384951, Longitude: -0.0676224


Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLARS, Lilian J  1915/6Hackney District, London I29113
2 ALLARS, Nancy   I29114
3 BACON, Percy Joseph  Abt Feb 1895Hackney District, London I1008
4 BALLINGER, Ellen Cordelia  1853Hackney District, London I4937
5 BARNARD, Albert   I32069
6 BARNARD, Brian J   I30720
7 BARNARD, Joyce M R   I32070
8 BARNARD, Peggy J   I32071
9 BARNARD, Susan J   I30722
10 BARNES, Vera   I3672
11 BOND, Arlene Ursula Dorothy   I29480
12 BOND, Christine E M   I1371
13 BUCK, George James R   I30344
14 CHAPMAN, John Edwin   I2488
15 CLARK, Edith Dorothy  1896Hackney District, London I7046
16 CLEMENTS, Frances Elaine  1958Hackney District, London I33700
17 CLEMENTS, John E   I33701
18 D'AGOSTINO, Richard T   I31720
19 DEAR, James Edward   I1373
20 DEAR, Simon James   I11560
21 DEEKS, Mavis  18 Nov 1934Hackney District, London I27867
22 ENEVER, Betty Joan Grace  1922Hackney District, London I20039
23 ENEVER, Terence   I16836
24 ENNEVER, Barry C   I853
25 ENNEVER, David J   I852
26 ENNEVER, Janice C   I851
27 FINNETT, Albert Samuel  1 Aug 1905Hackney District, London I743
28 FLOOD, Christine   I29099
29 GOOSTREE, Michael J   I30002
30 GRUBB, Ernest G  1 May 1915Hackney District, London I12150
31 GRUBB, Henry Frank  1 May 1915Hackney District, London I1758
32 HAMMANT, Doris  1912Hackney District, London I13317
33 HAMMANT, May  1914Hackney District, London I13318
34 HANNAWAY, Peter   I10825
35 HOPKINS, Ronald E   I5296
36 HOUCHIN, Veronica Madeleine   I17962
37 HUMBERSTONE, Debra June   I27326
38 HUMBERSTONE, Keith R   I31573
39 HUMBERSTONE, Sandre E   I31560
40 KITCHENER, Anthony R K   I11562
41 LENSH, Mabel Florence  1891Hackney District, London I12631
42 MARTIN, Ivy Lilian  21 Sep 1903Hackney District, London I560
43 MARTIN, Phyllis Violet  1907Hackney District, London I29755
44 MASTERS, Pamela   I20894
45 MCCARTHY, Muriel   I29004
46 MONTANDON, Mary Sarah Phoebe  10 Jun 1885Hackney District, London I34303
47 NAYLOR, Irene May   I632
48 RAYMOND, Geoffrey   I17020
49 RAYMOND, Jean   I17021
50 REAVELL, Arthur Harold  26 Feb 1912Hackney District, London I573
51 REED, Bryan James   I30951
52 ROLFE, Albert C  1911/2Hackney District, London I17106
53 SOUTHON, John P   I12278
54 TIGG, Vera Lilian   I16444
55 WARD, Elsie F   I32617
56 WHITE, Wendy J   I29408
57 WOODS, Jessie Matilda  1881Hackney District, London I4678
58 YATES, Susan Kelly   I32693


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BALDASSARI, Alfonso L  1970Hackney District, London I7231
2 BANKS, Charles Ernest  1989Hackney District, London I20110
3 CHAPMAN, William Henry  1935Hackney District, London I27308
4 CLEMENTS, Edward George  Apr 1985Hackney District, London I33697
5 CLEMENTS, Frances Elaine  29 Feb 1960Hackney District, London I33700
6 COLEMAN, Joseph William  Nov 1987Hackney District, London I29035
7 DAVIS, Ada Elizabeth  1969Hackney District, London I28932
8 ENEVER, Arthur St John  1854Hackney District, London I15082
9 ENEVER, Edward John  1904Hackney District, London I14416
10 ENEVER, Rosina  Apr 1989Hackney District, London I17368
11 ENIVER, Ronald J  1937/8Hackney District, London I6294
12 FLOOD, John Edward  31 Jul 1916Hackney District, London I29050
13 GRUBB, George  1890Hackney District, London I3589
14 HILLIER, Sarah Ann  9 Oct 1945Hackney District, London I7259
15 INCE, John James  1974Hackney District, London I7404
16 INCE, Justine  1969Hackney District, London I7427
17 INEVER, Susanna  1878/9Hackney District, London I2797
18 LAPIDGE, Mary Ann  1 Jan 1909Hackney District, London I7147
19 STYLES, Mary Ann  1908Hackney District, London I27944
20 TOMLINSON, George James  1957Hackney District, London I28559
21 WESTON, Elizabeth Emily  1967Hackney District, London I6821
22 WESTON, Henry  Jun 1959Hackney District, London I6826


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 BANTER / LAWTON  1921Hackney District, London F9848
2 BARNES / SMITH  20 Dec 1918Hackney District, London F1113
3 BOND / REUBEN   F9396
4 CHALKLEY / EDEN  1901Hackney District, London F8227
5 CLEMENTS / HOY   F10893
6 DEAR / BOND   F442
7 ENEVER / WAINWRIGHT  1936Hackney District, London F5491
8 ENEVER / WHITFIELD  1921Hackney District, London F6159
10 GRUBB / WILLIS  1879Hackney District, London F1084
11 LAMB / CROSK   F3121
12 LENSH / MULLEN  1888Hackney District, London F1272
13 MELVIN / STATHAM   F10605
14 NELSON / BARNES  1925Hackney District, London F1813
15 PEARSON / BARRINGTON  1849Hackney District, London F604
17 SMITH / BAKER  1890Hackney District, London F1958
18 SOUTHON / WINTER  1927Hackney District, London F3582
19 THOMPSON / BARNES  1915Hackney District, London F1112
20 WRIGHT / ROWE  1879Hackney District, London F1479
21 WYATT / WATLING  1859Hackney District, London F6636
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