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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

St Pancras, Middlesex


Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers
Latitude: 51.5214554, Longitude: -0.1260100


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CROWE, George John  1847/8St Pancras, Middlesex I4103
2 CROWE, James  3 Oct 1830St Pancras, Middlesex I4098
3 CROWE, Mary Ann  1844/5St Pancras, Middlesex I4102
4 CURTIS, Charles  8 May 1862St Pancras, Middlesex I6365
5 CURTIS, Eleanor  1869/70St Pancras, Middlesex I6367
6 CURTIS, Harry  24 May 1864St Pancras, Middlesex I6366
7 CURTIS, Mary Ann  1873/4St Pancras, Middlesex I6439
8 CURTIS, Rose  1878/9St Pancras, Middlesex I6441
9 EAGAR, Minnie  1835/6St Pancras, Middlesex I6655
10 EAGAR, Sidney Cooper  4 Dec 1833St Pancras, Middlesex I6648
11 ENNEVER, Agnes Mary  25 Jan 1879St Pancras, Middlesex I139
12 ENNEVER, Augustus Bonaventure Joseph  1883St Pancras, Middlesex I145
13 ENNEVER, Catherine Mary Isabel  30 Apr 1876St Pancras, Middlesex I137
14 ENNEVER, Eliza Georgiana  1852St Pancras, Middlesex I133
15 ENNEVER, George Joseph Vincent  1872St Pancras, Middlesex I144
16 ENNEVER, George Vincent  1854St Pancras, Middlesex I134
17 ENNEVER, John Dominic Joseph  1877St Pancras, Middlesex I138
18 ENNEVER, Joseph William  1849/50St Pancras, Middlesex I132
19 ENNEVER, Mary Amy  1874St Pancras, Middlesex I1463
20 GOWLLAND, Richard  1877/8St Pancras, Middlesex I14182
21 GREENHALGH, Charles  Abt 1788St Pancras, Middlesex I19189
22 GREENHALGH, Edith Blanche  17 Jul 1858St Pancras, Middlesex I7580
23 GREENHALGH, Emily Constance  3 Sep 1856St Pancras, Middlesex I7579
24 GREENHALGH, Mary  19 Sep 1824St Pancras, Middlesex I7576
25 GREENHALGH, Dr Robert  13 Jan 1819St Pancras, Middlesex I7575
26 GUNSON, Jane  1807/8St Pancras, Middlesex I4101
27 HOGAN, Johanna  1793/4St Pancras, Middlesex I1540
28 HOLL, Benjamin D  1842/3St Pancras, Middlesex I7586
29 HOWLETT, Alice  1877/8St Pancras, Middlesex I6691
30 HOWLETT, Henry John  Abt Feb 1871St Pancras, Middlesex I6693
31 HOWLETT, Kate  1872/3St Pancras, Middlesex I6689
32 HOWLETT, Mary Ann  1874/5St Pancras, Middlesex I6690
33 HUMBERSTONE, Ellen Georgina  1868/9St Pancras, Middlesex I16806
34 HUMBERSTONE, Florence Annie  Abt Jul 1870St Pancras, Middlesex I16807
35 HUMBERSTONE, Louisa Elizabeth  1864/5St Pancras, Middlesex I16805
36 JACKSON, Henry  1861St Pancras, Middlesex I19572
37 LAM, Catherine  1824/5St Pancras, Middlesex I6520
38 LENSH, Edwin John  12 Jun 1861St Pancras, Middlesex I1535
39 LENSH, Emily Winefred  1865St Pancras, Middlesex I1537
40 LENSH, Francis Walter  1869St Pancras, Middlesex I1539
41 LENSH, Mary Clara  Abt May 1867St Pancras, Middlesex I1538
42 LENSH, William Henry  1863St Pancras, Middlesex I1536
43 LERNER, Anna  1863/4St Pancras, Middlesex I1241
44 LERNER, Mary Clara  1862St Pancras, Middlesex I1237
45 LERNER, Tina  1859/60St Pancras, Middlesex I1242
46 LOCKYER, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1849St Pancras, Middlesex I6522
47 LOCKYER, Harriet Emma  22 Apr 1848St Pancras, Middlesex I6521
48 LOCKYER, Thomas  Abt Mar 1851St Pancras, Middlesex I6523
49 LYNCH, Alfred Charles  1857St Pancras, Middlesex I1533
50 LYNCH, Alice  1859St Pancras, Middlesex I1534
51 LYNCH, Daniel Peter Joseph Aloysius  1826St Pancras, Middlesex I1529
52 LYNCH, Frances Ann Agnes Clotilde  1852St Pancras, Middlesex I4135
53 LYNCH, Frederick Peter  1856St Pancras, Middlesex I1532
54 LYNCH, Joseph  1831/2St Pancras, Middlesex I1542
55 LYNCH, Joseph Edward  1850/1St Pancras, Middlesex I1531
56 LYNCH, Mary or Teresa  1833/4St Pancras, Middlesex I1543
57 LYNCH, Thomas  1823/4St Pancras, Middlesex I1541
58 MACERONI, Laura Bethynia Mary  1829St Pancras, Middlesex I33304
59 MASON, Arthur Robert  1872St Pancras, Middlesex I2916
60 MASON, Charles Alfred  1875St Pancras, Middlesex I2917
61 MASON, Emma  1881St Pancras, Middlesex I2921
62 MASON, Frank  1876/7St Pancras, Middlesex I2920
63 MASON, Frederick Joseph  2 Feb 1869St Pancras, Middlesex I2923
64 MASON, Henry  1878/9St Pancras, Middlesex I2918
65 MCDONALD, Catherine  1852/3St Pancras, Middlesex I6688
66 MOODY, Alfred  Abt Aug 1870St Pancras, Middlesex I23500
67 MOULE, Eliza  1873St Pancras, Middlesex I30775
68 OSBORNE, David Shirlock  3 Nov 1854St Pancras, Middlesex I4824
69 OSBORNE, Frederick W  1858/9St Pancras, Middlesex I24322
70 PARSONS, Albert  1887/8St Pancras, Middlesex I23532
71 PARSONS, Henry W J  Abt Aug 1880St Pancras, Middlesex I23531
72 PARSONS, Laura  Abt Oct 1890St Pancras, Middlesex I23527
73 PERNELL, Andrew George  1850St Pancras, Middlesex I6529
74 PURNELL, Albert  14 Aug 1855St Pancras, Middlesex I6538
75 PURNELL, Andrew  1823/4St Pancras, Middlesex I6527
76 PURNELL, Arthur  10 Mar 1857St Pancras, Middlesex I6539
77 PURNELL, Frederick Edwin  Abt May 1859St Pancras, Middlesex I655
78 PURNELL, John William  1851St Pancras, Middlesex I6537
79 RELFE, Alfred Charles  1887/8St Pancras, Middlesex I13737
80 SHEPPARD, Ada Rose  1888/9St Pancras, Middlesex I29871
81 SHEPPARD, Edgar Richard John  1887/8St Pancras, Middlesex I29886
82 SHEPPARD, William Horatio Orlando  1885St Pancras, Middlesex I29885
83 SMETHAM, Alfred  Jan 1812St Pancras, Middlesex I3331
84 SYMES, Catherine  1842/3St Pancras, Middlesex I7598
85 SYMES, Edwin Henry  1845St Pancras, Middlesex I7599
86 UNKNOWN, Mary A  1835/6St Pancras, Middlesex I16970
87 WATERS, Eliza  1825/6St Pancras, Middlesex I6528
88 WATERS, Sarah  1839/40St Pancras, Middlesex I6531
89 WORLEY, Mary Caroline  1858/9St Pancras, Middlesex I1656


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   Last name, First name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CROWE, George John  1 Apr 1851St Pancras, Middlesex I4103
2 CROWE, James  1 Apr 1851St Pancras, Middlesex I4098
3 CROWE, Jane Sarah  1 Apr 1851St Pancras, Middlesex I4100
4 CROWE, Mary Ann  1 Apr 1851St Pancras, Middlesex I4102
5 CROWE, Robert  1 Apr 1851St Pancras, Middlesex I4099
6 CROWE, Robert  1 Apr 1851St Pancras, Middlesex I1595
7 CROWE, William Gunson  1 Apr 1851St Pancras, Middlesex I4097
8 GUNSON, Jane  1 Jun 1851St Pancras, Middlesex I4101


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 BOYCE, Mary Ann  3 Aug 1817St Pancras, Middlesex I7574
2 COPE, Frederick Charles  31 Jan 1843St Pancras, Middlesex I3813
3 EAGAR, Edward  18 Aug 1824St Pancras, Middlesex I2986
4 EAGAR, Nicholas Henry  18 Aug 1824St Pancras, Middlesex I2985
5 ENEVER, Fred Percifull  31 Dec 1883St Pancras, Middlesex I17287
6 GAHAGAN, Frances Ann  4 Apr 1825St Pancras, Middlesex I1544
7 GREENHALGH, James  3 Aug 1817St Pancras, Middlesex I7573
8 GREENHALGH, Thomas  9 Aug 1781St Pancras, Middlesex I19180
9 MOONEY, Ellen Gormon  18 Aug 1824St Pancras, Middlesex I6643
10 SHAW, Frances  29 Aug 1852St Pancras, Middlesex I18921
11 SLARK, Eliza Jane  31 Jan 1843St Pancras, Middlesex I3814
12 YOUNG, Mary Annie Maria  31 Dec 1883St Pancras, Middlesex I17318
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