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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Report: Cause of death

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# Tree Person ID Last name First name eventdate eventplace cause
1 Ennever1  I608  HILL  William  10 Nov 1919    (1) Broncho Pneumonia 
2 Ennever1  I179  FRANKLIN  Mary Ann  20 Sep 1924  1 Colham Green, Hillingdon East, Middlesex   (1) Diabeates Mellitus (2) Gangrene of foot 
3 Ennever1  I821  ENNEVER  Doris  30 Sep 1915  20 Howard Avenue, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire   (1) Gastric Enteritis 
4 Ennever1  I16195  BONES  Charlotte Louisa  18 Oct 1931  1 Oldchurch Road, Romford, Essex   (1)a Toxaemia b Strangulated Inguinal Hernia 
5 Ennever1  I6440  CURTIS  Sarah Lydia  30 Jan 1951  67 Ambleside Drive, Southend-on-Sea, Essex   1 (a) Myocardial degeneration 2. Bronchitis 
6 Ennever1  I3900  MAPP  Charles Pineger  18 Mar 1968  18 Evans Street, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia   1 (a) Myocardial infarction (c) Arteriosclerosis 1 (a) 3 minutes 
7 Ennever1  I184  MASTERS  Elizabeth  19 May 1923  Islington Workhouse, 129 St John Road, Upper Holloway, Islington, London   1 Senile decay 2 Exhaustion Heart failure 
8 Ennever2  I2696  ESSAM  Frank  31 May 1997  Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Luton, Bedfordshire   1(a) Bronchopneumonia (b) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 
9 Ennever1  I814  HUMPHREYS  Violet  3 Dec 1996  8 Church Stretton Road, Hounslow, Middlesex   1(a) Bronchopneumonia (b) Parkinsons Disease 
10 Ennever2  I6575  HILL  Florence  31 May 1966  St Andrew's Hospital, Bromley-by-Bow, London   1(a) Chronic Bronchitis, Pneumonia 
11 Ennever2  I453  ENNEVER  Charles  31 Jul 1935  73a Devons Road, Poplar, London   1(a) Myocarditis 
12 Ennever1  I49  ENNEVER  Andrew  23 Oct 1935  8 St Margarets Place, Old Fletton, Huntingdonshire   1(a) Uraemia (b) Chronic Nephritis 
13 Ennever1  I9781  THOMPSON  Maxwell Suttor  11 Jan 1921  'Burrenjack', The Esplanade, Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia   1) acute polioencephalitis 1)2 Paralysis of Pharynx and Glottis (12 hours) 
14 Ennever1  I270  ENNEVER  Louisa  26 Oct 1891  Livingston Road, Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia   1) Bronchitis Heart xxxxx 2) 3 weeks 
15 Ennever1  I319  HODGINS  Rosetta  17 Dec 1915  London County Asylum, Ilford, Essex   1) Sub acute Dysentry several months 2) Pulmonary Tuberculosis duration uncertain 
16 Ennever1  I2283  ENNEVER  Rosetta Ivy  15 Oct 1960  St Joseph's Hospital, Auburn, New South Wales, Australia   1. Anaemia 2. Spreading Carcinoma Genital Organs 
17 Ennever1  I194  ENNEVER  George Alfred  27 May 1963  Boscombe, Dorset   1. Carcinomatosis 2. Carcinoma of Bronchus 
18 Ennever1  I2997  DOUGLASS  Emily  27 Sep 1913  Merton Mansion, King Street, Randwick, New South Wales, Australia   1. Chronis Gastritis, Cystitis (3 years) 2. Heart failure (2 weeks) 
19 Ennever1  I32  SMITH  Charles John  2 Jun 1927  'Greta', Blyth Road, Bromley, Kent   1. Heart failure due to embolus in coronary artery. 1/2 hour. 
20 Ennever1  I749  ENNEVER  Charles Albert  21 Apr 1917  24 Fitzalan Street, Lambeth, London   1. Pneumonia 2. Measles 
21 Ennever1  I14363  ENEVER  Charlotte  25 Apr 1940  54 Purbrook Avenue, Watford, Hertfordshire   1.a. Auricular fibrillation b. Hypertension Arterial 
22 Ennever1  I384  ENNEVER  Charles Williamson  1 Nov 1955  25 Durham Avenue, Shortlands, Bromley, Kent   1a Bronchitis and Emphysema 
23 Ennever1  I2045  HANNAWAY  Winifred  5 Jan 1991  Harold Wood Hospital, Harold Wood, Havering, Essex   1a Bronchopneumonia 
24 Ennever1  I2292  LEIGH  Cecilia Jessie  18 Jul 1989  Newham Hospital, Plaistow, London   1a Carcinomatosis b Cracinoma of ovary 
25 Ennever2  I2512  COLLINS  George Arthur William  22 May 1988  Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood, Hillingdon, London   1a Carcinomatosis Bronchial b Carcinoma 
26 Ennever1  I1149  WOONTON  Charles Lorrie  23 May 1958  48 Yew Tree Drive, Bellfields, Guildford, Surrey   1a Cerebral Haemorrhage b. Essential hypertension c. Senile arteriosclerosis 
27 Ennever1  I7261  SUCH  Nora Enever  25 Jul 1968  28 Kenilworth Road, Ealing, London   1a Coronary thrombosis b Arteriosclerosis 
28 Ennever1  I5687  WOONTON  Charles Lowrrie  7 Feb 1964  Cuckfield Hospital, Cuckfield, East Sussex   1a Coronray thrombosis 
29 Ennever2  I2695  COLLINS  Doris Victoria  24 Dec 1986  Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Luton, Bedfordshire   1a Guillain Barre syndrome 11 Gastro intestinal haemorrhage Bronchopneumonia 
30 Ennever1  I2047  HANNAWAY  Charles William  11 Aug 1985  35 Ling Road, Canning Town, London E. 16   1a Ischaemic Heart Disease 
31 Ennever1  I9561  WATSON  Mary Ann  29 Oct 1951  52 Commercial Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire   1a Old Age 
32 Ennever1  I26542  BLEACH  Bessie  14 Jun 1961  St Johns Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex   1a Sub-arachnoid Haemorrhage 
33 Ennever1  I16770  ENEVER  Lotty Elizabeth  25 Jan 1951  7 Salusbury Road, Willesden, London   1a. Acute Bronchitis b. Chronic bronchitis 2. Senile myocarditis 
34 Ennever1  I12583  JAMIESON  William John Christopher  25 Feb 1928  73a Devons Road, Poplar, London   1a. Broncho Pneumonia b. Status epilepticus No P.M. 
35 Ennever1  I54  ENNEVER  Augusta Minnie Frederica  25 Dec 1971  32 Downland View, Shanklin, Isle of Wight   1a. Congestive Cardiac Failure b. Senile Myocardial Degeneartion 
36 Ennever6  I11078  MORRIS  Noel Ennever Seton  9 Aug 1985  Top Cottage, Bell Yard, Broadway, Evesham, Worcestershire   1a. Coronary Thrombosis b. Coronary Artery Disease c. Atrial Fibrillation 
37 Ennever1  I9621  HIBBITT  Alec Ennever William  17 Feb 1994  Cartref, Ffairhos, Pontrhydfendigaid, Dyfed, Wales   1a. Ischaemic heart disease b. Coronary artery atheroma 
38 Ennever1  I18  ENNEVER  Charles Henry  4 Feb 1972  Manor Park Hospital, Bristol, Gloucestershire   1a.Cerebro-Vascular Accident b.Congestive Cardiac Failure c.Pagets Disease 2.Ischaemic Heart disease 
39 Ennever1  I5  ENNEVER  Walter George  2 May 1942  41 Hollywood Way, Walthamstow, Essex   a) Heart failure dilated right side b) Profuse pulmonary congestion c) Influenza and Toxaemia 
40 Ennever2  I1334  THOMAS  Harriet Agnes  17 Aug 1894  Little Ryrie Street, Geelong, Victoria, Australia   a. Asthma 6 Years b. Pneumonia 3 Weeks 
41 Ennever1  I505  BATES  Ann  29 Jan 1862  West Walton, Norfolk   Abscess Lung. Exhaustion. 
42 Ennever1  I15399  HARTLEY  Eva Frances  1910  Victoria, Australia   Accident 
43 Ennever1  I13972  MORRIS  Maxwell Walton  29 May 1946  Hornsby Hospital, Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia   Accident 
44 Ennever2  I4339  COLLINS  George  17 Apr 1900  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   Accident in a wood 
45 Ennever1  I15920  LETTSOME  Thomas  26 Jan 1887  Bundamba, Queensland, Australia   Accidentally drowned 
46 Ennever1  I25989  WILLIS  Clara Jean  17 Aug 1917  Willisville, Ontario, Canada   Accidentally killed while jumping from one boulder to another. She fell & one boulder rolled pinning her head against another. 
47 Ennever1  I138  ENNEVER  John Dominic Joseph  18 Nov 1915  Hendon Cottage Hospital, Hendon, London   Acute Appendicitis and intestinal obstruction 
48 Ennever1  I41  ENNEVER  Andrew  21 Feb 1902  31 Helena Road, Plaistow, Essex   Acute bronchitis 5 days. Exhaustion. Certified by A Barlow LRCP 
49 Ennever2  I9003  HAINES  Emma  16 Apr 1928  59 Norwich Avenue, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada   Acute edema of lungs (myocarditis) 
50 Ennever1  I10407  GRANDY  John James  2 Aug 1913  Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand   Acute Pneumonia. Heart Failure. 
51 Ennever1  I3000  MORRIS  Annie Elizabeth Douglas  6 Aug 1936  'Selsdon', 16 Macleay Street, Potts Point, New South Wales, Australia   Acute Tonsilitis, Acute Toxic Myocarditis, Pneumonia 
52 Ennever1  I7  ENNEVER  Dulcie Phyllis  21 Aug 1939  41 Hollywood Way, Walthamstow, Essex   Acute Ulcerative Endocarditis 
53 Ennever1  I14786  FRENCH  Sarah Susan  14 Mar 1899  Mile End Infirmary, Mile End, London   Albuminuria 
54 Ennever4  I24678  NETHERSOLE  Florence Jane  1 Aug 1900  Windsor Cottage, Windward Road, Kingston, Jamaica   Anaemia 8months 
55 Ennever1  I28  HILL  Frank Joseph  30 May 1933  129 Columbus Ravine, Scarborough, Yorkshire   Angina Pectoris no P.M. 
56 Ennever1  I20603  FULCHER  John  22 Dec 1891  Moulton, Lincolnshire   Apoplexy 
57 Ennever1  I18201  ENEVER  John  6 Jul 1851  Caldicott Hill, Aldenham, Hertfordshire   Apoplexy Fit 
58 Ennever1  I25942  ENEVER  Elizabeth  21 Jun 1917  Assiginack, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada   Apoplexy/Paralysis 16 days 
59 Ennever1  I9850  STREET  Thomas White  11 Apr 1927    Arterio Sclerosis chronic Interstitial Nephritis 
60 Ennever1  I20730  FULCHER  John William  12 Oct 1968  12 The Grove, Shardlow, Derbyshire   Arteriosclerosis, Senility and Rheumatoid Arthritis 
61 Ennever2  I2513  CORBETT  Bessie Irene  7 Jan 1946  Uxbridge District, Middlesex   As a pedestrian she was hit by a Post Office van in a Post Office Yard. 
62 Ennever1  I1393  ENNEVER  Lena  4 Nov 1890  21 Lochnagar Street, Bromley St Leonard, London   Atelectasis of lungs. Premature birth. 
63 Ennever2  I6393  TADMAN  Thomas  18 Sep 1889  57 Sutton Street, Shadwell, London   Atony of bladder 9? days. Uraemic poisoning. Certified by GW Lynch LSA. 
64 Ennever1  I28061  ENEFER  Lilian Sarah  1918  Poplar District, London   Believed to have been a victim of the 1918 to 1921 flu pandemic 
65 Ennever1  I6664  EAGAR  Richard Edward  1866  At sea   Between Sydney & New Zealand 
66 Ennever1  I2799  BOYTON  Thomas  14 Nov 1846  Grays, Essex   Bilious Remittent fever 12 days 
67 Ennever1  I456  MARTIN  Leonard Percy  5 Sep 1917  General Hospital, St Omer, France   Bomb wounds, received in action 
68 Ennever2  I26037  TADMAN  Hazel Joyce  11 Jul 2010    Bowel cancer 
69 Ennever1  I8842  SIMPSON  Leslie Norman  1 Oct 2006  Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia   Bowel cancer 
70 Ennever2  I3536  APPLETON  James Sutherland  1885    Brain paralysis of many years 
71 Ennever4  I7783  ENNEVOR  Elsie Maria  30 Sep 2008  Kingston, Jamaica   Brain tumour 
72 Ennever1  I17322  ENEVER  Gaston William Cosier  17 Aug 1928  Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada   Brain Tumour 
73 Ennever1  I8920  FEATHERSTON  Kerrie Ann  1960    Brain Tumour 
74 Ennever1  I1406  ENNEVER  Sarah Ann Caroline  21 Dec 1879  11 St Leonard's Street, Bromley, Middlesex   Bronchitis 
75 Ennever1  I258  GRIFFIN  Elizabeth Mary  13 Jan 1891  St Olave's Union Infirmary, Deptford Lower Road, Rotherhithe, London   Bronchitis Chronic 
76 Ennever2  I6374  TADMAN  Elizabeth  7 Nov 1884  34 Love Lane, Ratcliff, Middlesex   Bronchitis. Pleurisy. 
77 Ennever1  I23420  TAYLOR  Joyce Constance  5 Sep 1995  Amourdene Rest Home, 10 Von Tempsky Street, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand   Bronchopneumonia - 4 days, Dementia (type uncertain) approximately 2 yaers, Left cerebrovascular accident - 7 months 
78 Ennever1  I24370  CLERKE  Edith Dorothy Pearl  1969  New Delhi, India   Cancer 
79 Ennever1  I22000  CARTER  John Laurie      Cancer 
80 Ennever4  I8208  LEWARS  Barbara  1968    Cancer 
81 Ennever1  I7257  EXELL  Mabel Dorothy  26 Jul 1936  Kings College Hospital, London   Cancer 
82 Ennever2  I4131  MIDLANE  Grace  Abt 1960    Cancer 
83 Ennever1  I565  ENNEVER  May Florence  3 Dec 1946  Petts Wood, Kent   Cancer 
84 Ennever1  I197  FORREST  Catherine Helen  23 Apr 2010  Severn Hospice, Shrewsbury, Shropshire   Cancer 
85 Ennever1  I42  ENNEVER  Robert Ponder  5 Aug 1917  26 Swaton Road, Bromley, London   Cancer of cervical glands 
86 Ennever2  I6452  TADMAN  Thomas  23 Jun 1903  Dilham, Norfolk   Cancer of liver Exhaustion 
87 Ennever1  I25944  HUMPHREY  George  22 Oct 1902  Assiginack, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada   Cancer of Rectum 2mos. 
88 Ennever1  I15077  ENEVER  Frederick Francis  18 Oct 1909  St Marks Hospital, City Road, Holborn, London   Cancer of rectum 3 years, Pneumonia. 
89 Ennever1  I14  ENNEVER  John  15 Sep 1907  46 Park Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex   Cancer of the liver 7 months. Exhaustion. Heart failure. 
90 Ennever7  I20434  FISHER  Sheila      Car accident 
91 Ennever1  I22546  MORRIS  Beryl Ruth  1966  Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia   Car accident 
92 Ennever1  I22547  DUNGLISON  Peter Charles  1966  Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia   Car accident 
93 Ennever1  I16041  COSTACHE  Fenella  30 May 1983    Car accident 
94 Enever9  I15252  LOWE  Lilian  21 Nov 1941  Wivenhoe, Queensland, Australia   Car accident 
95 Ennever1  I33002  QUINE  Annie Elizabeth Agnes  1962    Car accident. 
96 Ennever1  I14374  ENEVER  Sydney  15 Sep 1941  196 Balfour Road, Ilford, Essex   Carbon monoxide (Coal Gas) poisoning. Self-administered at 196 Balfour Road, Ilkford, Essex. Balance of mind disturbed. 
97 Ennever1  I30  SMITH  Raymond Basil  23 Sep 1974  Whipps Cross Hospital, Leytonstone, London   Carcinoma of Bronchus 
98 Ennever1  I2847  GRANDY  Oriano  4 Feb 1897  8 Harrow Street, Marylebone, London   Carcinoma of Larynx 7 months. Haemorrhage Exhaustion 4 days. 
99 Ennever4  I7701  ENNEVER  Vivian Neville  2 Mar 1953    Carcinoma of left lung 
100 Ennever1  I31  BARNES  Ethel Irene  16 Feb 1963  London Hospital, Stepney, London   Carcinoma of Pancreas 
101 Ennever1  I3128  KIRKPATRICK  John  14 May 1923  'Logan Brae', Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill, Woollahra, New South Wales, Australia   Carcinoma of Prostate, Carcinoma of Tonsil 
102 Ennever1  I6068  JUDGE  Elizabeth  18 Mar 1958  Manor Park Hospital, Bristol, Gloucestershire   Carcinoma of Stomach 
103 Ennever1  I3010  MORRIS  Annie Page Ducker  26 Sep 1921  St John's Park, Canley Vale, New South Wales, Australia   Carcinoma of Uterus 
104 Ennever1  I1529  LYNCH  Daniel Peter Joseph Aloysius  6 May 1896  131 Islington Road, St Pancras, London   Cardiac Asthma & Dropsy 
105 Ennever1  I18261  RAY  Martha  26 Apr 1874  Brewer's Almshouses, Aldenham, Hertfordshire   Cardine 3 Years, Perplexia 48 hours (unclear) 
106 Ennever1  I193  MARTIN  Mary Emily  11 Nov 1944  Battersea District, London   Cardio Vascular Degeneration 
107 Ennever1  I15952  BAKER  Harry Walter  4 Nov 1914    Casualty of WW1 
108 Ennever1  I2977  THOMPSON  John  20 May 1889  Park Gates Hotel, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia   Cerebral haemorrhage & bronchitis 
109 Ennever1  I2975  MORRIS  Sarah Josephine  18 May 1944  39 Anzac Parade, Kensington, New South Wales, Australia   Cerebral haemorrhage, arterio sclerosis, senility 
110 Ennever1  I24  ENNEVER  Thomas Henry  29 Nov 1887  27 Stratfield Road, Bromley, London   Cerebral haemorrhage. Apoplexy 1 1/2 days. Certified by T R Killeen. 
111 Ennever1  I22113  CARTER  John Donald Laurie  18 Apr 1972  Kennedys Creek, Victoria, Australia   Cerebral haemorrhage. Ruptured aneurysm. 
112 Ennever1  I2048  STAINES  Benjamin Melbourn  24 Apr 1915  Aldershot Isolation Hospital, Aldershot, Hampshire   Cerebro Spinal Meningitis 
113 Ennever1  I1211  KING  Jane  28 Jun 1838  30 Mary Street, Hampstead Road, St Pancras, Middlesex   Child Birth 
114 Ennever1  I713  LAWSON  Mary Margaret Oldacres  8 Nov 1904  2 Lennard Place, St Marylebone, London   Child Birth (tbc) 
115 Ennever1  I30102  SENKBEIL  Martha L  Abt 1911    Childbirth 
116 Ennever1  I26630  HOWE  Lydia Millicent  1936    Childbirth 
117 Ennever1  I1653  HALL  Amor Jane  Abt Feb 1894  Marylebone District, London   Childbirth (tbc) 
118 Ennever1  I1482  LAWSON  Henrietta Ada  1883  Penrith District, Cumberland   Childbirth (tbc) 
119 Ennever2  I451  HERRING  Amelia Frances  10 Mar 1857  26 Devonshire Street, St George in the East, Middlesex   Childbirth 13 days, Fever 12 days, Pneumonia 10 days. 
120 Ennever1  I25973  HUMPHREY  Helen Jean  3 Oct 1915  Assiginack, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada   Cholera Infantine. 2 weeks. Exhaustion 1 week. 
121 Ennever1  I19586  TICHBORNE  Lilian  21 Aug 1886  111 Fourth Avenue, New York City, New York, USA   Cholera Infantum 
122 Ennever1  I15372  ENEVER  Ernest Frederick  28 Sep 1916  Russell, Ontario, Canada   Cholera Infantum 
123 Ennever1  I151  ENNEVER  George  19 Nov 1887  St Olave's Union Infirmary, Deptford Lower Road, Rotherhithe, London   Chronic Bronchitis 
124 Ennever4  I33375  ENNEVER  Etheline  2 Jan 1940  9 Connolly Avenue, Saint Andrew, Jamaica   Chronic Myocardial Disease 
125 Enever9  I19698  POTT  Irene Elizabeth  15 Mar 1941  Green Lanes, Enfield, Middlesex   Civilian War Dead 
126 Enever9  I14605  ENEVER  William Ernest  15 Mar 1941  Green Lanes, Enfield, Middlesex   Civilian War Dead 
127 Ennever1  I19584  TICHBORNE  Guildford Mannering  23 Jan 1890  34 Emily Street, Oldham, Lancashire   Congenital Syphilis, Bronchitis 2 days 
128 Ennever1  I46  ENNEVER  James Ponder  23 Feb 1947  Hackney Hospital, Hackney, London   Congestive heart failure, Arterio sclerosis. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema. 
129 Ennever1  I27933  WILKINSON  Joseph  Jul 1801    Consumption 
130 Ennever1  I13471  HOLDGATE  Horace Henry  27 Jun 1908  Woolpack Inn, Terrington St John, Norfolk   Consumption 
131 Ennever1  I2391  INEFER  Elizabeth  28 Jul 1842  Grays, Essex   Consumption 
132 Ennever1  I2129  ENNEVER  John  31 Aug 1843  Chadwell, Essex   Consumption 
133 Ennever1  I109  ENNEVER  Ada Rosalie  22 Jun 1919  West Ham District, Essex   Consumption 
134 Ennever2  I2360  CONNER  James Martin  28 Nov 1930  319 Miller Street, North Sydney Municipality, New South Wales, Australia   Coronary Embolus, Chronic Myocarditis 
135 Ennever4  I7737  WEHBY  Edward Beshara  23 Dec 1966  30 Wellington Drive, Saint Andrew, Jamaica   Coronary Thrombosis (less than one year), Ischaemic heart disease (2 years) 
136 Ennever1  I19583  TICHBORNE  Bertram Talbot  7 Oct 1891  Empire Hotel, Rockingham Street, Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire   Dentition Convulsions 
137 Ennever1  I16660  PHILLIPS  Mary Ann  28 Feb 1893  Macgregor Street, Croydon, New South Wales, Australia   Diarrhoea Exhaustion Senility - all 2 weeks 
138 Ennever1  I30367  QUINE  William John  10 Apr 1918  3rd Casualty Clearing Station, France   Died of wounds received in Action. 
139 Ennever1  I15248  ENEVER  James Neil  Feb 1927  Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia   Dies of injuries following an accident. 
140 Ennever1  I5446  MAPP  Robert Elliott  1924  West Ham District, Essex   Diphtheria 
141 Ennever1  I25991  WILLIS  Ernest Neland  6 Mar 1917  Willisville, Ontario, Canada   Diptheria 
142 Ennever1  I11504  SMITH  Doris Elsie  1929    Diptheria 
143 Ennever1  I4800  SPORTON  Alfred James  15 Dec 1854  23 Bolwell Street, Lambeth, Surrey   Disease of Kidneys, Liver and Bronchial Vessels 2years. Rheumatic fever. Disease of Heart 3 days. 
144 Ennever1  I712  SHERROTT  John  21 Jul 1868  2 Gavene Cottages, Cheshunt Road, Tottenham, Middlesex   Disease of Liver and General Dropsy 
145 Ennever1  I1341  ENEVOR  Robert John  12 Mar 1867  Benelovent Asylum, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia   Disease of the Brain 
146 Ennever2  I3549  BARNETT  Patricia Anne  7 Jun 2007  Bowral, New South Wales, Australia   Disease of the cerebral cortex (about 20 years) 
147 Ennever1  I543  JACOBS  Mary Anne  30 Jun 1842  Grays, Essex   Disease of the Heart 
148 Ennever1  I20676  PAYNE  George Frederick  1910  Hendon District, Middlesex   Drinking Lysol 
149 Ennever2  I380  ENNOVER  William James  13 Feb 1843  2 Bowyers Buildings, St George in the East, Middlesex   Dropsy. 
150 Ennever1  I24596  HUTCHISON  Reginald Angus  20 Jan 1915    Drowned 
151 Enever14  I20563  WILLIAMS  William Holland  1929    Drowned 
152 Ennever1  I533  ENEVER  William Joseph  11 Jun 1850  Ferry Lane, Rainham, Essex   Drowned 
153 Ennever1  I170  ENNEVER  John William  10 Jan 1883  At sea   Drowned 
154 Ennever1  I13464  HUBBARD  Sophie  1862    Drowned in flood. 
155 Ennever1  I108  ENNEVER  Samuel Francis  22 Feb 1918  Maltepe Hospital, Constantinople, Turkey   Dysentery 
156 Ennever2  I3541  APPLETON  Harriet  3 Dec 1863  Dollys Creek, Morrisons Diggings, Victoria, Australia   Effection of the spine and there was no medical attendant 
157 Ennever1  I15229  ENEVER  Joseph Roy  9 Oct 1919  State Coal Mine, Wonthaggi, Victoria, Australia   Electrocution or dislocated neck 
158 Ennever6  I11049  ENNEVER  Joseph  19 Apr 1845  36 Drury Lane, Middlesex   Epilectic Convulsions 
159 Ennever1  I2979  THOMPSON  John Gilbert  20 Sep 1909  Northridge, Victoria street, Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia   Executors: Fanny Mary Thompson, Percival Edgar Thompson & Alexander Reith Troup. 
160 Ennever1  I696  ENNEVER  William  28 May 1864  Bachelor's Creek, North Carolina, USA   Explosion of torpedo. 
161 Ennever1  I21096  BUNN  Henry William  1904  New Zealand   Farm accident 
162 Ennever1  I14324  ENEVER  Cyril  27 Jul 1933  New Years Green, Harefield, Middlesex   Fatally burned at a sand and shingle works 
163 Ennever1  I27828  ROBJANT  Ann  Dec 1800    Fever 
164 Ennever1  I2130  HARDING  Mary Ann  20 Oct 1837  Chadwell, Essex   Fever 
165 Ennever1  I20609  HARRIS  William E      Found drowned in the River Cherwell 
166 Ennever1  I316  PEARE  Rebecca  21 Nov 1898  Poplar District, London   from falling down the stairs when under the influence of drink 
167 Ennever1  I24428  HERRERA  Pedro  22 Apr 1887  Bendigo, Victoria, Australia   Gastritis 
168 Ennever4  I33556  WEDDERBURN  Vincent Arthurs  5 Sep 1965  Cave Valley, Hanover, Jamaica   Gastro Enteritis due to Malnutrition 
169 Ennever1  I14879  TILLIDUFF  William John  14 May 1928  Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia   Gored by Bull 
170 Ennever1  I1478  LAWSON  Stephen Oldacres  21 Sep 1922  Coleman, Alberta, Canada   Gun shot wounds 
171 Ennever1  I26118  HUMPHREY  Earl Harold James  29 Jan 1936  Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada   Haemorrhage from bowel 
172 Ennever1  I20828  KELLY  Edward  11 Nov 1880  Melbourne Gaol, Russell Street, Victoria, Australia   Hanged 
173 Ennever1  I11259  KRAY  Ronald  17 Mar 1995  Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, Berkshire   Heart attack 
174 Ennever1  I19478  ORTON  Arthur  1 Apr 1898  21 Shouldham Street, Marylebone, London   Heart failure 
175 Ennever2  I6551  ISAACS  Frances  26 Aug 1880  58 Cornwall Street, St George in the East, Middlesex   Hepatitis pneumonia 
176 Ennever2  I6605  TADMAN  Charles Thomas  1942    HMS Curacoa 
177 Ennever1  I1860  MORRIS  Hidden  18 Aug 1998  58 Alexander Road, Egham, Surrey   I (a) Osteosarcoma pelvis 
178 Ennever6  I11079  MYHILL  Madge Ellen  Before 6 Apr 2005  Evesham Community Hospital, Evesham, Worcestershire   I(a) Acute Thrombo Embolism of Iliac Veins II Congestive Cradiac Failure; Atrial Fibrillation; Hypertension; Rheutamoid Arthritis Certified by S P Selvakumar MBBS 
179 Ennever1  I11765  JUDE  Adam  27 Mar 1839  Tilney All Saints, Norfolk   Inflamation of the lungs 
180 Ennever2  I1305  THOMAS  Mary Stothart  24 Jun 1843  3 Charles Street, Pedley Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex   Inflammation of the Brain 
181 Ennever2  I2304  ENNEVER  Emily Elizabeth  21 Sep 1870  94 Green Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex   Inflammed Glands of Glotis 
182 Ennever1  I28476  BRENNAN  Richard  1898  North Bourke, New South Wales, Australia   Injuries accidentally received through his horse falling with him 
183 Ennever1  I18024  KIRKPATRICK  John Hunter  6 Aug 1971  Scottish Hospital, Paddington, New South Wales, Australia   Ischaemia Myocarditis, Chronic Osteoarthritis 
184 Ennever1  I15289  COLEMAN  Edwin  1901  Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia   Killed by a fall of earth at the Callaghan Claim 
185 Enever12  I19697  ENEVER  Arthur  22 Jan 1942    Killed in action 
186 Ennever1  I19316  CHALLIS  Arthur  21 Mar 1918    Killed in action 
187 Ennever1  I15277  ENEVER  John George  4 Oct 1917  Belgium   Killed in action 
188 Ennever1  I6251  BRAIN  Edward  9 May 1917  France   Killed in action 
189 Ennever1  I33692  HASTINGS  James Russell  2 Sep 1943    Killed in action over Malta flying for the RAF 
190 Ennever1  I513  BADCOCK  Albert Edward  25 Sep 1915  Belgium   Killed in action. 
191 Ennever1  I24361  BOND  Alma Eveline    Manchester, Lancashire   Killed in an Air Raid 
192 Ennever1  I33678  GROVER  Harold Russell  19 Apr 1945  Germany   Knocked from his motorcycle by an armoured personnel carrier on 16th April and died of his injuries 3 days later. 
193 Ennever1  I3234  MORRIS  Nellie Pettet  28 Apr 1952  Wallsend, New South Wales, Australia   Leukaemia 
194 Ennever1  I14229  BUSSWELL  Raymond W  2000    Leukemia 
195 Ennever1  I28158  PARR  Hannah  9 Jan 1900  7 Grange Street, Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool, Lancashire   Malignant disease of Stomach 
196 Ennever2  I1304  ENNEVER  Robert  6 Aug 1847  Peckham House Lunatic Asylum, Camberwell, Surrey   Marasmus about 2 months 
197 Ennever1  I2993  EAGAR  Owen Gorman  26 Jun 1860  17 Lower Fort Stret, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   Measles 
198 Ennever1  I2991  EAGAR  Bessie Mary  2 Jul 1860  17 Lower Fort Stret, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   Measles 
199 Ennever1  I2255  ENNEVER  George  11 Nov 1886  84 Spey Street, Bromley, Middlesex   Measles. Congestion of lungs. 
200 Ennever2  I6483  TADMAN  Charlotte  15 Jan 1874  The Sick Asylum, Bromley, Middlesex   Meningitis 
201 Ennever1  I11230  WRIGHT  Herbert Stewart      Meningitis 
202 Ennever1  I15338  GODFREY  Anne  3 Jul 1911  15 Herbert Road, West Ham, Essex   Mitral Incompetence, Cirrhosis of Liver, Syncope. 
203 Ennever1  I33803  ENEVER  Amelia  16 Dec 1892  Mile End Old Town Infirmary, Mile End, London   Morbus cordis 
204 Enever9  I15266  ENEVER  John Alexander  2 Jan 1938  Queensland, Australia   Motor accident 
205 Ennever1  I26695  MORRIS  Robert  2 May 1934    Motor cycle accident 
206 Ennever1  I22114  CARTER  Malcolm John  20 Nov 2001    Motor Vehicle Accident 
207 Ennever1  I460  PARSONS  Charles Frederick  1932/3  Edmonton District, Middlesex   Nefritis due to service 
208 Ennever1  I27592  ENEVER  Allen Richard Francis  1982    On board cruise ship from Europe to Harwich 
209 Ennever1  I1392  ENNEVER  Louisa  28 Feb 1839  31 Upper York Street, St Marylebone, Middlesex   Overflow of Blood in the Heart 
210 Ennever1  I10380  HARNWELL  Mary Ann  4 Mar 1893  Akaroa, Canterbury, New Zealand   Paralysis 9 months. Coma 3 minutes. 
211 Ennever1  I2402  ENNEVER  Maria  15 May 1885  45 Lisson Street, Marylebone, Middlesex   Paralysis Asthenia 6 days 
212 Ennever1  I317  ENNEVER  Eliza Rebecca  12 Sep 1886  84 Spey Street, Bromley, Middlesex   Peritonitis 
213 Ennever2  I2306  APPLETON  Charles Green  12 Nov 1865  Moorabool Hospital, Geelong, Victoria, Australia   Peritonitis 6 days 
214 Ennever1  I19815  HARVEY  Ann  12 Apr 1865  56 Clark Street, Mile End Old Town, Middlesex   Phthisis 
215 Ennever1  I1052  POTTON  John William  12 Jun 1881  Canewdon, Essex   Phthisis 
216 Ennever1  I14669  ENEVER  John  19 Nov 1845  St Thomas's Hospital, Southwark, Surrey   Phthisis & Syphilis 
217 Ennever1  I26534  WHEELER  Jane  23 Apr 1899  5 Edgington Road, Streatham, London   Phthisis Pulmonatis 
218 Ennever1  I926  STEAD  Hannah Maria  2 Aug 1881  Wakefield Road, Stourton, Rothwell, Yorkshire   Phthisis pulmonatis years 
219 Ennever1  I18203  ENEVER  Timothy Fisher  21 Apr 1874  Welwyn, Hertfordshire   Phthisis Ulceration of Larynx 
220 Ennever1  I22150  STANFORD  Ernest Geoffrey Kent  24 Oct 1925    Phthisis, pulmonalis 
221 Ennever1  I18466  MILDENHALL  Ellen  29 Jun 1869  Upper Mitcham, Surrey   Phthisis, Pulmonatis 9 years 
222 Ennever1  I174  BLOOMFIELD  Martha Emeline  4 Sep 1884  Brompton Consumption Hospital, Brompton, Kensington, London   Phthisis. Serious effusion on the Brain. 
223 Ennever1  I1366  WHITE  Mary Ann  13 May 1847  Hutton, Essex   Phthisis. Several years 
224 Ennever1  I34557  DAVIS  Elizabeth Maud  29 Aug 1923  Benalla, Victoria, Australia   Pneumonia 
225 Ennever1  I18687  WASHBURN  Edwin Douglas  11 Mar 1955    Pneumonia 
226 Ennever1  I15362  ENEVER  James Keen  10 Aug 1923  35 Cassio Road, Watford, Hertfordshire   Pneumonia 
227 Ennever1  I15076  ENEVER  Augustus Joseph  15 Feb 1911  3806 Denison Avenue South, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA   Pneumonia 
228 Ennever2  I1505  ENNEVER  Charles  22 May 1853  25 Devonshire Street, St George in the East, Middlesex   Pneumonia 2 weeks. 
229 Ennever1  I1343  ENNEVER  Frances Ann  18 Apr 1891  13 Hawley Street, St Pancras, London   Pneumonia and Cardiac failure 
230 Ennever1  I3024  BUCHANAN  Norman McLeod  16 Jan 1961  155 Belmore Raod, Peakhurst, New South Wales, Australia   Pneumonia, Congestive Cardiac Failure, Auricular Fibrillation, Cerebral Thrombosis. 1 Day, 2 Years, 3 Years, 2 Years. 
231 Enever9  I14563  ENEVER  Annie  27 Feb 1927  Newport Hospital, Newport, Rhode Island, USA   Pneumonia, Lobar (Pneumococcus meningitis) 
232 Ennever1  I6216  STRANGE  Earl  11 Sep 1931  Toronto, Ontario, Canada   Prematurity 
233 Ennever1  I153  ENNEVER  Jane  13 Dec 1880  The Street, Shorne, Kent   Probably Syncope 
234 Ennever1  I11986  COCKLE  George  1 Feb 1873  Terrington St John, Norfolk   Probate granted to his widow and son. 
235 Ennever1  I18025  KIRKPATRICK  Vere  9 Jul 1926  'Mount View', Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill, Woollahra, New South Wales, Australia   Pulmonary Embolism, Childbirth 
236 Ennever1  I2246  SUCH  Hilda Mary  27 Mar 1899  15 Lancaster Road, Ealing, Middlesex   Pulmonary phthisis 15 months. Exhaustion. 
237 Ennever4  I7731  WEHBY  Saleem Bashara  24 Feb 1930  9 1/2 Hampton Street, Campbell Town, Kingston, Jamaica   Pulmonary Tuberculosis 
238 Ennever4  I7732  ENNEVER  Shirley Beshara  5 Jan 1934  Waltham, Manchester, Jamaica   Pulmonary Tuberculosis 
239 Ennever4  I7733  WEHBY  George Salim Beshara  28 Jun 1947  Spaldings, Clarendon, Jamaica   Pulmonary Tuberculosis 
240 Ennever1  I6846  SHERWOOD  Annie Maria  14 Dec 1915  Wandsworth District, London   Pulmonary tuberculosis 
241 Ennever1  I21110  HOLMES  William  23 Mar 1908  Mile End Old Town Infirmary, Mile End, London   Pulmonary Tuberculosis & Exhaustion 
242 Ennever1  I21009  HOLMES  George  8 Jan 1907  Mile End Old Town Infirmary, Mile End, London   Pulmonary Tuberculosis & Exhaustion 
243 Ennever1  I3112  BUCHANAN  Bernard Arthur Wellesley  7 Jun 1925  Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick, New South Wales, Australia   Pulmonary Tuberculosis & Heart Failure 
244 Ennever4  I7735  WEHBY  Maurice  20 Nov 1951  The Memorial Sanatorium, Saint Andrew, Jamaica   Pulmonary Tuberculosis (12 years) 
245 Ennever1  I3115  BUCHANAN  Grace Louisa Ellen  25 Sep 1920  Turton Road, Waratah, New South Wales, Australia   Pulmonary tuberculosis, toxemia 
246 Ennever1  I19585  TICHBORNE  George Henry  23 Feb 1892  101 Praed Street, Paddington, London   Rheumatic Fever, Endocarditis 
247 Ennever1  I2404  ENNEVER  Mary Ann  19 Aug 1893  23 Yarra Place, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia   Rheutamism Cardiac Disease 7 days 
248 Enever9  I27056  DUDLEY  Kevin Albert  1947/8    Road accident 
249 Ennever2  I1428  ENNEVER  Amelia Annie  22 Sep 1864  26 North Street, Limehouse, Middlesex   Rubeola 
250 Ennever1  I2261  ENNEVER  Sarah Ann  14 Dec 1879  52 Wyvis Street, Bromley, Middlesex   Rubeola 14 days. Bronchitis 7 days 

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