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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.


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This page tries to acknowledge all the assistance I have received over the past few years that has enabled me to keep improving the quality of the information I display on the family history web site.  Without assistance, few family historians can ever hope to locate all the available records, stories and other information that help to recreate our families' history and piece together more of the daily lives of our ancestors.  Thank you.


Name Further information provided about...
Belinda Abell nee Viner Viner family
Tony Abbitt Bleach & associated families
Angus Addison Ennever/Morris family
Joyce Affleck Andrews family
Chris Aldred (nee Hutchinson) Hutchinson family
Chet Alexander Alexander family
Sarah Alexander Alexander family
Brian Allars Allars family incl photograph
Nadine Allen Bostock family
Sheila Allum (nee Enever) Enever family
Belinda Jane Anderson Batson family incl photographs
Daryl Andrews Ennever family
Ian Argall Argall family
Mary Armitage (nee Ennever) Ennever family incl photographs
Julian Atchley Kind donation of a WWII Fireman family passport
Kathryn Atkin Renecle family
Keith Attwell Bull family
Eleanor Bahry Sporton family incl photographs
David Baker Smale family
Davinia Baldwin Allen family and information to link Ennevers and Enevers.
Dorothy Bance Bance family
Cilla Bangay Slark family
Tony Baptist Doyle & Enever families incl docuemnys & photographs
Allison Barker Long & related families
Graham Barnes Barnes family and photographs
Stephen Bassett Bassett family
Jo Bayley Enever family incl photograph
Suzanne Bell (nee Murray) Murray family
Josephine Bennett Cory family incl photographs
Michaela Bennett Thompson family incl documents & photographs
Leslie Bellamy Peare family
Valerie Benton Benton family
Susan Bingler Nunns and Ennever families
John Blair Blair/Green families incl photos.
Peter Bloomfield Noeth London Railway information
Robert (Bob) Bolton Lawson & Bolton families
Tricia Booth Southgate families
Tony Bostock Bostock family photograph
Marilyn Botham Ennever family
Lou-Jean Bourne Grandi family
Trisha Bowen (nee Bayley) Enever & Bayley families
Cynthia Boyce (nee Ennever) Ennever family
Jennifer Bradshaw Beadle, Martin & Rudge families
Harry Breheny Searles family incl photograph
Linda Brooks Westwood family
Helen Broomfield Moralee family
Carina Bull Bond & related families incl photographs
Allen Bunn Bunn family photograph
Joseph Burrell Burrell family
Pat Burrell Ennever/Wehby families
Anthony Burrows Welbourn family
Neill Butler Marsh family
Darren Butt Butt family
Jean Buettner-Ennever Ennever family incl photographs
Ian Cameron "Free George Ince Campaign" incl documents
Julie Campbell Buchanan family
Deb Daly Daly family incl photographs
Jean Challis Challis & Barnard families
John and Wendy Chapman Chapman, Ennever & Martin families
Steve Chapman Enever, Punt, Relf families
Nigel Cheshire Smith family
Beryl Clampton Ennever family
Amy Clifton Helmore family
Anne-Marie Clinton Ennever & Kirby families
Pat Collas Dyke family and photographs
Derek Collins Collins & Thomas families
Eric & Mark Commons Commons families
Claire Connor Lipscomb families
Mike Cooke Bull/Costello families
Barbie Cooper Overton family incl photographs and documents
Lilian Crosby Commons family incl photographs
Pamela Cross Morris families incl photographs
Michael Croxford Croxford family
Peter Culligan Oakley families
Gill Curtis Harvey family
Diane Cusiel Wincott, Pugh and Ennever families
Sally Cutler Norfolk parish register transcriptions
Gail Daly Daly family
Keith Daniels Dickson-Wright family
Claire David Porter & Long families
Lynsey Davies Hobby family photographs
Hugh Deeks Deeks families
Kevin Defreest American Ennever family
E. A. (Jack) deLisser Jamaican Ennevers/Ennevors
Loraine Dewhurst Morris families
Stephanie Dickey Duff family
Anna van Dijk Josolyne family
Jill Dixon Robjant family
Lesley-Ann Dixon Ennevor/Ennever families
Anne Donnelly Powell/Enever family
Amie Dreyer Paul family
Laurence Dyer Chapman/Dyer family
Michael & Christine Eighteen Adcock & Ettritch families
Beverly Elliott Ennever family incl photograph
Sue Elliott Clauson family
Dawn Ellis Barnard family
Dianne Ellis Gibson & Welbourn families
Fred Ellsworth Pinkerton family
Clive & Linda Enever Enever families
Dawn Enever Enever families
Frances Enever Enever family
Gill & Keith Enever Enever family incl documents
Henry (John) Enever Enever & Davia families
Lee Enever Enever families
Marg Enever Enever family
Ray Enever Enever family
Roger Enever Enever family photographs (incl re MGA and MGB cars)
Terence (Terry) Enever Enever family
Trevor Enever Enever families incl photographs (contact Trevor here)
David Eniffer Enever families (David is a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies)
Brian Ennever Ennever family
Brian Ennever Ennever family incl photographs
Christine & Chris Ennever Ennever family
Christine & Frank Ennever Ennever family
Elise Ennever Ennever family
James Ennever Ennever family
Jill Ennever Ennever family incl photographs
Joanne Ennever
Ennever/Collins/Thomas and Appleton families and Ennever & Appleton, Confectioners incl documents & photographs
John Ennever Ennever family incl photographs
Joseph (Joe) Ennever Ennever family incl photographs
Malcolm Ennever Ennever & Appleton, Confectioners
Mark Wade Ennever Ennever family
Michael John Ennever Ennever family
Naomi Ennever Ennever family
Patricia Ennever (nee English) Ennever family
Patricia Ennever (nee Wuytack) Ennever family
Paul Ennever Ennever family
Peter Ennever Mapp and Ennever families
Rob Ennever Ennever family documents & photographs
Simon Ennever Somerset Ennevers incl photographs and documents
Timothy Ennever Ennever family
Vernon (Lloyd) Ennever Ennever family
Jade Ennevor Ennevor family
Rafael Allan Ennevor Ennevor family and photographs
Terry Ennevor Ennevor family
Brian Essam Ennever/Collins, Essam and Parducci etc families incl photographs and documents
Liz Eustace Jane family incl photographs
David Exell Exell and Reavell families incl photographs
John Favell Lubnow family incl photographs
Margaret Fay Whiting family
Martin Ferrier Mapp family
Alfred & Kaylene Filia Enever family including photographs
Hilary Finn Smith family information & photographs
Jacqui Fisher Fisher & Curtis families incl photographs
Jennifer Flowers Ennevor family
Caroline Foot Appleton family
Shirley Forster Lensh family
Lucy Fowler Reed family
Kristina Free Hogg family
Tom French (& Fred Hannaway) Ennever/Hannaway family
Chris Fry Enever family
Maureen nee Fulcher Fulcher family incl photographs
Sue Fursey Fursey family
Michelle Giffin nee Enever Enever family
Claire Gilder Ennever & Meldrum families
Emma Gledhill Edawrds/Enever family
Gaye Goddard Goddard family
Colin Goodhew Jamieson family incl photographs
Mandy Gooding Tadman family incl photographs
Claire Grantham Warne/Lensh families
Lynne Graves Postlewaight/Martin family
Colin Goodhew Goodhew family
Rachel Griffiths Dipper family
John Groom Enever/Glading families incl photographs
Jennifer Gupta Lever/Lawson family
Björn Hagströmer Hagströmer, Wright & Almroth families
Phillip Hall Napier/Hall family
Dale Halliday Detailed histories of Enever and Ennever branches incl photographs, documents & newspaper cuttings
Kent Hallman Lawson family
David Hancock Lawson family
Derek Hanks Hanks family
Pat & Kelly Harding Hannaway family
Sumeena Hari Hari family incl photographs
Carly Ann Harris Green/Love family incl phptographs
Jenny Harrod Baldock family
Aileen Hayward Ennever & Morris families
Ken Henley Horner family
Sonia Henman Timms family
Nadine Herrington Porter The identity of 'Mrs Russell Robertson'.
David Hewitt Elsom family
Dawn Hicks Humphrey & Enever families incl photographs
Patricia Hill
Ennever families, and all name variants, an extraordinary amount of information collected over many years.  (
Lorna Hinton Uren family incl photograph
Jean Hodges Timms & Wallington families
Heather Holdgate Holdgate & Hubbard families
Eleanor Homewood Ennever and Horner families
Darren Hortin Grandi and associated families
Sarah Hughes Bucknell & Enever families
Nina Humphrey Burton family
Rita Hunt Enever and Hunt families
Anne Hutchins Hutchins family
Glenys Hutchinson Hutchinson families
Ron Ince Ince family
Rebecca Jack Morris family
Gillian Johnson Lockyer and related families
Des Jones Coleman & Enever families and the link to 'Ned' Kelly
Katheryn Jones Budden/Broderick family including photographs
Claire Jordan Clarke and Mason families
Claire Jordan nee Warren Holmes families incl photographs
Jennifer Joseph Redgewell and related families
John Karp WJ Ennever, founder of The Pelman Institute, an outstanding biography (click here)
Joan Kelly Eagar family
Anne Kelsall Trutch family
Graham Kelsey Kelsey family and photographs
Bill Kibby-Johnson Ennever piano makers
Donna Marie Felschow Kimbark Felschow family
Margery Kimpton (nee Washburn) Powell family
Robyn Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick family
Heather Klatt Kirkpatrick family incl photographs and documents
Patricia Krishnan Riley families
Beverly Lachmi Levy & Fireman families incl documents
Angela Lane Bance/Connolly/McNally families
Karen Larkins Enever family incl photographs
Sue Law Common(s) families and marriage legalities
Tamar Leat (nee Hosier) Warne family
Heather Leigh Leigh family
Jen Lemond & Paul Terry Tichborne & Enever families. Paul Terry is the author of 'The Claimant' publ: 2016
Marie-Laure Leroux Sherrott family
Patricia Laycock Horner family
Alison Lekarev Willmore family
Wendy Lever (nee Enever) Enever family
Sandy Liddle Bull families
Georgina Linhart Seton Morris documents and photographs
Mavis Lloyd Messett family incl photograph
Olwen Long Nethersole family
John Lovell Cory family
Anne Lock Enever/Smith family including photographs
Margaret Locke (nee Lund) Ennever/Pooke families
Beverley Lynch (nee Church) Church & Tadman families including photographs
Nora McLean Greenhalgh family
Gordon McKimmie Australian Smith family
Sue Mantle (nee Hannaway) Hannaway family
Gwenyth Marsden Conner family
Bob Massey Massey family incl photographs
Peter McArthur Askey family
Meave McGahey Hibberson family
Frances McHugh Kelly & Tanner families
Colin McLaughlin McLaughlin family
Nora McLean Greenhalgh family
Gordon McKimmie Australian Smith family
Michael Meldrum Meldrum family
Roger Meldrum Meldrum family
Ann Miller (nee Tribe) Ennever family and ancestors incl photographs and documents
Jane Mills & Molly Craven
Ennever/Tadman families, resolution of the "Charles and John Ennever" mysteries, incl photos and documents
Alison Mitchell Green family incl photos and documents
Esther Mitchell Crebbin family
Janice Morgan Enever family including photographs
Toni Morgan Rerrie family
Sue Morley Morley family
James (Jim) Morris Morris family
Angela Moyston Ennevor family
Ros Mulholland (nee Vere) Wright family
Barry Muncey Midlane family incl photographs
Kay Mundy Enever family
Ben Murray Eagar families incl photographs
Robert Nash Pelman School of Memory (examination sheets)
Brian Needham Ennever/Williamson family
James Nethercott Enever and Mason families incl photographs
Rosemary Nethersole Nethersole family
Stella Nicholls Oakley families incl documents
Rosie Nichols Nichols family incl photographs
Chris Nickless Nickless family incl photographs
Barbara Nicolopoulos Enever family
Trish Oldham Such family
Malcolm Otton Gassor family
Kay Partridge Denham/Woods family
Judith Paul Paul/Kirkby family
Anna Pawelko Tadman & Long family incl photographs
Simon Payne Allsopp/Britton family
Colleen Peacock Flint family incl photographs
Joene Peel Oldacres and Lawson families incl photographs and wills etc
John Peel Lawson family incl letters and sermons of Rev. Basil Ranaldson Lawson
Pierre Etienne Pernet Sherrott family.
Sharon Perry Wedding family
John Peters Ennever/Wehby family
Nancy Pfeiffer (nee Ennever) Ennever family
Jenny Pitt Enever and Gould families
Darrell Pope Pugh family
Owen Pope Clancey family (
Claire Porter Porter & Long families
Doug Powell Ennever & Hobbs families (incl the link to Sir Jack Hobbs)
Russell Powell Powell family
Maureen Prior Parr and related families
Jim Proudfoot Bull family
Derek Pullen Ennever family
Harry Rainbow Rainbow/Orchard family
Christian Rance Moyston family
Chris Rayson Rayson family
Sheila Read Smith family (Chelsea) incl baptism records
Daphne Reavell (nee Ennever) Ennever family
Hew Reid Kirkpatrick family
Rosemary Richardson Jane & Batson families incl documents
Cathy Ritter Jones family
Jane Roberts Hill family
Joe Robeson Gibson family
Lurline Robinson (nee Simpson) Simpson family
Margaret Robinson (nee Ennever) Ennever family incl photographs
Debbie Rusaw Enever family photographs
Jane Russell Hydon family
Kate Sangster Meaker family
Connie Scarrott Eaton & Illingworth families.
Christine Searle Tilliduff family
Lauren Seddon Gibson family incl photographs
Anne Semmens Coleman family incl photographs
Sue Sewell Barnard & Sewell family incl photographs
Andrew Shenton Smith family
Jeanette Sheppard Enever/Moffat families
Lurline Simpson Simpson families
Margaret Smee Simpson/Morris family
Dan Smith Smith families & DNA link
Glenda Smith
Permission to use her late husband's detailed information about George Ennever (aka Morris)'s descendants and incl his book, 'Upon an Extensive Scale'.
Kevin Lewis Smith See Glenda above.
Jeffrey Smith Australian Smith family
Maureen Sparks Collins family incl photographs
Helen Stapleton Enever family
Fred Stevens Pelmanism adverts from the 1928 Daily Mail yearbook
Kate Stewart Bashford family incl photographs
Dianne Stirton Peare family
Dawn Stone Ennever/Eniver family
Christine Strang Tadman & Ulmer families
Nancy Strange Strange/Collins families incl documents and photographs
Jean Stratton Long family
Penny Sutherland Enever family
Linda Swystun Woonton family
Diana Symes Tilliduff family & the mystery of Charles Enever aka Harry Curtis
Carol Tadman Tadman family
Tim Tadman Tadman family incl photographs
Natalie Teliszczak Boggiss family
Chris Thompson Thompson family
John Thompson Weidig, Thompson & Ennever families incl photographs
Margaret Thompson (& Maureen nee Fulcher) Sacker/Secker family
Catherine Thomson Meldrum family including photographs
Mark Todd Todd family
Carole Tomlin Smith & Ennever families incl photographs
Tom Tribe Tribe family
June Tye Harvey family
Joan Tyler Hutchings family
Petrina Tyler Tyler family
Sue Tyler Clauson family
Cynthia Underwood Enever family
Hilary Waller Lensh/Lynch family incl photographs
Jan Wasley Wasley & Knighton families
Jan Watt Morris/Denzel families incl photographs
John Welch Williams/Hudson families incl photographs
Carolyn Wheeler Lovejoy/Spearman families
Andrew White Allen and Heath families
Toni White
Lowe/Stratford families and the excellent Fromelles project to identify living descendants of soldiers killed at Fromelles
Dave Whittaker Hutchinson family
Kim Wilkins Wilkins family
Patricia Wilkinshaw Bull/Costello families
Peter William(?) Fredk Charles Enever war medal images
Leslie Williams Williams & Enever families
Anna Wilson Brain family
Jennifer Wilson Keys & Ley families incl photograph
Carole Windmill Windmill family
Derek Woodgate Beacroft/Beecroft family
Angela Woodgates Hitchcock/Hitchcox & Lipscomb families
Simon Woods Enever/Woods family
Brian Woolley Hill and Woolley families
Anita Hyacinth Wright Simpson and Ennevor families
Randal Young Hall & Napier families
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Where I have felt that acknowledgements are also merited in individual histories etc these are included on those pages but, as is so easy to do with these types of lists, if I have missed anyone please let me know and I'll correct the omission.

Thank you to everyone, and of course my own immediate family, for their invaluable help.

Author:  Barry Ennever


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